May. 29th, 2012

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This was my 4th time attending Confuzzled (having missed out on the first year) and I can honestly say it just keeps on getting better. I said it from the first one I attended, Confuzzled has always felt like a real convention to me. This meaning it's not just a large meet for UK furs, it has visitors from all round the world and great events one would expect.

With Confuzzled 2012, it was their first year at their new location, the Hinckley Island Hotel. Last year's hotel served it's purpose but was ultimately a bit crappy; Only the "luxury" rooms were decent and there were various problems with food, heating and hotel staff. The new hotel was a vast improvement on last year's and what was even better was we had genuine exclusivity of the hotel for the duration of the convention (with the exception of the guests to Leinir and Makenshi's civil partnership ceremony which was held at the hotel). I was staying in one of the luxury rooms with [ profile] arakinuk which meant that I got aircon (not a standard feature apparently), a sofa, writing table, king size bed, coffee table, non-functional fridge and a telephone in the bathroom. The hotel itself was very well laid out for socialising. There was a rotunda area at the centre of the hotel rooms (which looked like a mini Maratim from Eurofurence) as well as a cafe/bar area where people would congregate so it was easy to bump into people and have a chat.

I personally had a fantastic time at the convention. I even managed to get into fursuit on no less than 3 occasions :P Again with my aging suit, I came to realise that I really need a new bodysuit. Deezlberries suggested I shouldn't keep on revising SlyCat (as I have technically been doing so since 2000) and get a new character but after the responses I got to the suit, I'd like to give him a bit more life yet. I should have suited more but the weather was pretty intense. It did seem like the weather suddenly became amazing on the day the con started and didn't let up throughout the duration of the con.

I got to chat with lots of great people both old and new throughout the duration of the con. I also filmed a lot of the con using my new camcorder but I fear much of the footage will be unusable as I filmed a lot of rubbish :P That said, I was worried I didn't have anything to work with for EF16 but ended up making a pretty nice video out of it. That said, I didn't have the fursuit at EF so had more time to film fursuity events. Regrettably I didn't get that much of the dances but I did get the parade as I was too sore to participate this time. Also this was my first time using the new camcorder at a convention and was sad to see the angle of the lens wasn't as wide as my compact camera so I had to stand further away from the action.

I attended a few of the official events such as the opening ceremony which included the guests of honour arriving via helicopter! I also attended the sponsor buffet which had a surprise performance by Fox Amoore and Mangusu dancing in fursuit, as well as the overlong charity auction. I never attend that many panels to be honest but I still seemed to keep busy throughout the con :). Food at the convention was OK. There was a BBQ for £15 on the Friday which was pretty good in comparison with last year's though there was a lot of waiting in the hot sun to get served. Breakfast was free and buffet style and generally much better than the last Confuzzled hotel's attempt at breakfast. The rest of the day, there were various light bites on offer which I didn't have but the burgers looked rather tasty and the panini's (which were actually half baguettes) were popular. Dinner times there was a buffet on. I only went to one which was a mexican buffet. Was pretty tasty but still pricey at £14. I didn't go for any of the other buffets but I did go off site to the nearby Harvester a few times for food however.

Anyway, rather than ramble on, I'll conclude by saying that I really enjoyed the convention and the staff who put it on are legendary. So much professionalism despite the fact that I know most of them :P Also, the hotel staff were great (the manager's comments at the closing ceremonies left me with a tear in my eye!), had no complaints there. Finally, want to say thanks to everyone I met at the con for helping me have such a fantastic time. I will certainly be back next year, Eurofurence will have to do a lot of work to make it worthwhile me going again after this year!

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