Jan. 23rd, 2015

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Blimey! It's a LiveJournal post!

Felt like getting something down for a while now but as always, I never got round to it. It's now been around 1 and a half years since I uprooted and moved to the north. I suppose I've settled in rather well up here now, even if getting to work is an absolute pain in the arse. I changed from walking 10 minutes to work to now walking 25-30 minutes to the train station, getting a 10 minute train and then a 40 minute ride with a colleague to work. This is all more evidence that I need to learn to drive as it's becoming increasingly difficult getting around on public transport now. Main problem is I realise how much of a money pit learning to drive and then ultimately buying and running a car will be, let alone the fact that I'm petrified of the idea of me behind a wheel of a car. Frankly, the sooner self-driving electric cars become a thing, the better in my opinion!

Transportation issues aside, I am getting on well up north. When I was down south, I'd rarely got any visitors and most of my good friends had moved out of the area (or even the country in one instance) but I suppose it wasn't too hard to go to a LondonFur meet at least. Up North however, I'm frequently seeing friends, both old and new and I'm also getting out to more events and things. Off the top of my head, in the past year, I attended Play Blackpool, Secret Cinema: Back To The Future, Superbyte, Play Expo & Video Games Live, all of which I wish I had taken the time to write an LJ entry about them. I hope to do more similar events this year.

In addition to those events, I attended Confuzzled where I was on crew for the first time. The past years I had always felt like there was something I should be doing to help out as I knew many of the staff and crew. My housemate, Telos (formerly Ember Komodog) happened to be head of the fursuit department and so he recruited me to help out with the fursuit department as crew. I enjoyed being part of the team who helped make the con happen. As I got into furry through an interest in fursuits, it was a good fit for me to work in the fursuit department, ensuring everyone was looked after and the like. I was also very proud of the fursuit lounge as many would stop to mention how impressive the equipment there is and how it was better than any other con they had attended.

Next year, as Telos stepped down from running the department, I've stepped up to staff status at Confuzzled to run the fursuit department. There's some stressful elements surrounding it but I'm largely enjoying it so far and am looking forward to hopefully being responsible for one of the best fursuit lounges at any furry con this year having taken last year's feedback on board :)

The only furry con I attended other than Confuzzled last year was Eurofurence which maintained my record of going to every evenly numbered EF since EF12 in 2006. I liked the new hotel as I wasn't a big fan of the Maritim in Magdeburg, however it was kinda stuck in a bit of a rough area. Fortunately, it wasn't hard to jump on a metro train and explore Berlin which we did a few of the days. I didn't find myself getting that involved with the con events themselves at all. I'm starting to find myself less and less interested in the con and in the future I may save my money to try to get to some other conventions. The last time I went to America, and an American con was Further Confusion 2009 so I'm really hoping I can make it to Midwest Furfest at the end of this year. I do miss America and my furry friends over there!

Anyway, that'll do for an update for now. I doubt anyone reads these any more but I'm hoping to get around to writing on here more often. That said, I'm sure I say that every post so we'll see!

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