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I don't commission a huge amount of artwork of my character but since Confuzzled last year, I've had 3 new bits done and I thought I'd share them here :)

SlyCat Gaming by Roary Raccoon
Comissioned this pic with [ profile] arakinuk at Confuzzled 2011 from Roary as out of all the people in the dealer's den, he was the only one doing toony style artwork. Arakin and I had just got our 3DSes and so we decided to have our characters drawn playing on the console. I didn't expect the pic to come out so babyfurish but I guess that's just Roary's style. However, I can assure you that I'm not a baby fur, no matter what having a Marci badge may mean to some :P

SlyCat Badge by Muzz
[ profile] muzz did one of my favourite drawings of my character and so I took up the opportunity to get another from her when she was open for badge commissions. Really pleased with the pic, but the outline makes it look a bit weird when you make it small so I've not used it for any icons or anything.

SlyCat Icon by Karpour
I had always been a fan of [ profile] karpour's artwork even before I met him at [ profile] timduru's Halloween event as he is simply a fantastic toony artist. Naturally, I leapt at the opportunity too get an icon by him when he opened for commissions and this was the result. Very pleased indeed :)
Click the thumbnail for a bigger picture (where applicable) and also to browse the other art I have. Anyway, that'll do for now but I hope to be LJing again sometime soon :D
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