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For a long time I've wanted to redo the website as it was made in a very hodge podge fashion and with the experience I've gained since with web design and coding, I knew I could do better. So finally, I've got round to remaking the site. So far, I've only done the front page as I wanted to get it done before Confuzzled and time was against me. So now the site looks like this:

New features are:

New front page re-written from scratch including full CSS layout
New version of Google Maps API including custom paw flags!
Multi-day event support (event will not disappear until the end date has elapsed)
Event titles as an addition to the location for describing what the event is

I've still got to re-do the other pages including the submission page so right now, you can't specify what the site title is nor when an event ends but once I'm back from Confuzzled, I will get to doing that as well as updating all the other pages. Other things I still need to do are to improve mobile device support so the full site can be viewed if preferred (Google Maps API v3 works quite nicely on most smartphones) and also I'm not happy with the look of the meet list yet so probably some more tweaks to be had. I do want to get user logins and site management done but that's a long way off as it's no simple task.

Anyway, I appreciate feedback so if you've any comments or constructive criticism on what could be done better or added, I'd be happy to hear about it!
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