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Yes, this is me writing a new update on Livejournal! Try not to act so surprised, I keep on meaning to write stuff here but forget and then feel the moment's passed. However, that's not the case this evening as I decided to pop down to London today (well yesterday now as it's past midnight) to attend the Londonfur meet.

Before the meet itself, I headed in to London with AndySquirrel and picked up some stuff in CyberCandy before meeting (or should that be meating up) with Arakin at Bodean's for lunch with Russet, Insofox, Enteirah, Andy, myself and Arakin's close friend Soph. I do love American style BBQ smoke house restaurants, really wish there was some place similar closer to home, but considering how healthy they are, it's probably best I don't have such easy access to it :P Was good to finally meet Soph who Arakin's mentioned for some years but I hadn't met until today :) Amusingly, when it came to the bill, we all paid our respective shares to Arakin but the total of money seemed around £30 short. After much recounting and confusion, it had turned out that Arakin had somehow managed to stash the missing cash in his wallet without realising!

Onwards to the meet itself, as normal I didn't recognise around 80%+ of the people there but of those I did know, it was great to reconnect with those I don't talk to that much normally but really should. I really want to be able to build up more of a social life, especially now that my housemate's moved out and today at the meet was really what I needed! Other than general socialising, the NFC sticker I had attached to my conbadge which reads a URL to my twitter account went down rather well. FoxB seemed especially impressed with the potential of NFC technology :D

During the meet, I had been chatting with Stef and Noah so ended up tagging along with them as well as Gorfy and Ordos to go to a favourite restaurant of theirs in Soho called Soho Pizzeria. However after much walking about Soho to get there, we found the place to be closed (obviously if we looked at the website, we would have known this but apparently it had been open 6 weeks prior and had no reason to believe it to have closed). So we ended up walking across to Chinatown and had a meal at the Golden Dragon. The service was somewhat sloppy as they seemed confused about how many people ordered the set meal but the food was really tasty.

So in summary then, had a really good day out, seeing folk and eating out, etc. Was a rather expensive day so can't do it again in a hurry, but was totally worth it. Thanks again to all those I met today, was great to catch up :)

Date: 2013-03-10 11:34 am (UTC)
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Mm, ISTR being fairly pleased with Bodeans - for a chain, they manage to maintain decent quality; though, it's been a while. I'm looking forward to Grillstock - they've even managed to open a year-round outlet in Bristol, making me wish somewhat I still lived in the area. =:9 (Frustratingly, they appear to close around 4pm, so it won't even be practical to slip along there after the meetings on campus)

Rather a pain about the pizza! I suppose it's always a risk, running a restaurant, even if you're successful - you can still have your lease yanked, if the owner gets (even more) greedy, as happened to a favorite haunt in Brighton, The Greys. Frustratingly, they wound up closing last October, a fortnight before finances started improving, and the thought occurred to me to pop back there sometime. Quite a pity - they offered some particularly good food, a nice selection of Belgian ales, and all with a friendly, cozy atmosphere. But, the owner wanted much more rent, and it's apparently now some wine bar.

Chinatown! I wonder if that was the place I went to a couple years back.. we just headed north into Chinatown, passing by the first restaurants, with hawkers trying to lure people in, and randomly settled on a place a few doors up, on the left side of the alleyway. Turned out to be quite a good choice, in any event. ^_^

Are there any photos of the feast? ^_^

Date: 2013-03-10 11:38 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sadly didn't take any photos. Really should have, it was a lot of food! Very tasty too, just a shame the waiting staff didn't seem to be able to comprehend some of us going for a set meal while some going a la carte.

Date: 2013-03-11 11:32 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds pretty awesome, look after my friend Shen at the next meet, he's a really great and nice guy.

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