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As Twitter isn't really the place to get all my thoughts across on the matter, I thought I'd write an entry about the subject.

Basically there's a lot of drama about regarding people taking their fursuit heads off in public space at the recent Confuzzled to socialise and there's been a lot of arguments on both sides so I thought I'd throw in my 2 pence.

There are situations where fursuiters may need to take their head off in an emergency, for example due to overheating, breathing issues, etc and that's absolutely fine. Obviously it'd be mad to expect people to put themselves into serious discomfort just to maintain the character, but of course the flip side to this is that any budding fursuiter should learn their limits and know when it is time to find a fan to stand in front of or go to the headless lounge or their hotel room to cool off.

I did witness one instance where it seemed plain that at least one person actively disliked wearing the fursuit head and so would take their head off at any opportune moment during the Fursuit Fiasco games at Confuzzled. If you don't like wearing the head, especially at a public event like that, perhaps fursuiting isn't for you, or at least the event wasn't for you. I know that I can get out of breath from being overly active in suit as I'm not of the best fitness so I don't tend to participate in events like fursuit games. Doing so makes for worse photos and video for those trying to record the event.

Obviously everyone in furry these days figures they need a fursuit of their character to feel part of the fandom, but many of these people aren't familiar with the basics of fursuiting (despite there normally being events held at conventions to teach such things) and just treat fursuits like they would kigurumis or whatever. In my opinion, fursuiting is a form of performance. You're representing the character you're wearing, be it a toony cat or a realistic looking wolf. However it seems the new generation of furs don't care claiming that we all know we're people in costumes, but I feel that's missing the point somewhat. Sadly I don't think it's possible to change the opinion of people who think like that.

With regards to talking in suit which also came up at one point, at conventions, I don't really care if you want to talk in suit. It obviously works better if you work it into the character but normally fursuit performance is better when you remain mute.

Anyway, I could go on but I think much of what I think has been said quite a few times. Ultimately however, the heads off thing doesn't really annoy me as people are free to do what they like but it would be nice for more people who want to get into fursuiting to do it well rather than just treat it as a piece of clothing.
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