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Aug. 22nd, 2006 06:59 am
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I forsee this as being a fairly unusual day.  Firstly, we moved offices at work last night meaning I've got to go to a new location and sit at a new desk, etc today.  Secondly, I should be getting confirmation of delivery of my fursuit at Sandroo's today.  And thirdly, because I'll have to wake up at silly o'clock, I expect I'll need to go to sleep pretty much as soon as I get home tonight.

Then it's off early to pick up Arakin before making our way to the airport, expecting to get there 5ish due to all the security scares.  I'll need to wait for Utlah to appear with my fursuit delivery from Sandroo's before I can check my baggage. This I can already see as being a stressful thing as I normally don't relax until I've checked in.  Then it's off to N├╝rnberg, Germany for Europe's largest furry con, Eurofurence 12.

Oh, on a side note, as my fursuit will only be a head, paws and tail, I don't expect it'll look that great unless I have a long sleeve top or something.  However, I just remembered, I still have the old "SlyCat v1" top and bottom I got made while I was in Florida in 2002.  That could well work to improve the look... but then it could make it look crappy.  I'm bringing a large suitcase so I'll bring it regardless and see how it looks with the other bits.  I also remembered I still have the furred latex feet Sandroo made a long time ago now.  They were a bit small but still looked good.  I'll bring those along to hopefully complete the look :).
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... or lack of it.  Basically, I visited [ profile] sandroo and co this weekend with the expectation that my fursuit, or at least the head paws and tail so it can be sued as a partial would arrive before I visited.  I was told the suit was sent 3 day delivery on Monday from the US so I expected it to arrive Thursday or Friday at it's destination.  However, as you've probably figured out, it didn't arrive.

Hopefully it will still arrive Monday or Tuesday at Sandroo's.  Would have been nice to have it for the weekend and not cut it so thin with EF and all. If it does arrive Monday or Tuesday, I can still either get roo to mail it on (and pay the price) or see if [ profile] colifox can make a detour on his way south and pick it up enroute.

Ah well, I remain totally pessimistic that it'll arrive again, just due to the fact that I've been let down so many times on this front already, I've kinda got used to it.  As always, I can only hope I'm wrong and it arrives in time.  Would be nice to go to a con with a fursuit just once.
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Looks like thanks to EF, a lot of UK folks are getting fursuits in time for the event.  So far I know of 5 people getting suits for EF, including [ profile] shep_shepherd, [ profile] durandal2uk, [ profile] aztec_jaguar and myself (I think the other one wants it to remain a secret).  All of whom havn't got their suits yet despite there being only 6 full working days before the event.  I hope everyone gets their suits, will be great to see them all and maybe have a group photo :).

I wonder how many further furs in the UK are getting fursuits for EF.  I know [ profile] sandroo made one for a fur who's attending EF recently too...  Generally, it's all good for fursuiters in the UK as there's not a huge number of them, and the more the merrier.
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First and foremost, [ profile] chapeljax finally got back to me with photos of the head of my fursuit:

More pics can be found at

It's great to get the pics after all this time as for a second time I was coming to terms with the fact that I wouldn't be getting my fursuit in time for EF but now my mind has been put at ease.  Only the head, tail and handpaws will be done for Monday when Jax plans to ship it out (3 day delivery) so I'll definitley get it for this weekend.  The bodysuit and paws are "almost" done and so they could be shipped for receipt before I leave for EF on the 23rd.

I found out about this, this evening just as I was on my way home from a great weekend.  Was visiting [ profile] arakinuk and also went up to see [ profile] calgor on Sat, who had [ profile] khyle visiting from Texas this week.  Went to Bluewater and picked up some nice sweets from Sweets From Heaven as they have lots of imported stuff.  Played plenty of Xbox after modding Arakin and Calgors boxes to play copied games and DivXes, including the new Eureka series which is kinda like a cross between X-Files and Eerie Indiana :).

But yeah, a great weekend in all, just a shame I gotta to back to work.  At least it's only a week until I get the fursuit and a week an a half until I'm off to EF :).

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