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Photo courtesy of [ profile] arakinuk, which was taken by [ profile] whitepaw using Arakin's cam

Well I already did detail about my eventful trip in and first day of the con in my previous post. Now to cover the rest of the trip before it all oozes out of my brain forgotten forever :)

Days 2 - 5 under cut (It's a biggy!) )

Eurofurence was a great con, though I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I did with EF12. EF12 was easier to get to and language didn't seem to be as much of an issue as it was this time round. I think due to the extra travelling, I felt that I really should have known a bit more of the language. Also, it's a minor thing, but I was expecting them to carry the zombie thing they did on the Wednesday on throughout the con like they did with the murder mystery at EF12 but nothing more came of it. The people I did meet were great, and I had fun suiting and stuff. However, I'm currently uncertain if I'll be going to next year's. It's been announced to be in the same place as this year which just seems insane with the numbers of people who clearly want to attend. I may give it a miss and go to another con, or just save the money. I'm gonna have a lot of debt from FC after all...

Again, my photos are available at:


Sep. 1st, 2008 09:49 am
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Got to [ profile] arakinuk's about midnight last night and crashed out due to being so tired, however the trip itself was stress free and straight forward.

Anyway, I've got lots to write which I'll do later, I just wanted to make a post about my holiday photos.

All my EF14 photos are now online at:
Photos of my fursuit at EF, primarily ones which Arakin took (or had taken with his camera) are available at:

Anyway, I've got to get back home now... bye!
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Thrillicious as performed by [ profile] colifox, [ profile] hawthorn, [ profile] badgerguy and [ profile] arakinuk:

A pan from the encore of the Stage Fever show:

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Just a quick post to say I have uploaded the first lot of my photos to my gallery, they're now viewable at

(Thanks to [ profile] gaz_a for the XD card reader!)
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Before anyone says I should be enjoyng the con I should first point out I've had a very long day and will be going to sleep shortly after writing this. As I've mentioned previously, I woke up at 3:30am before setting of around 4:30am. I was panicing cos we should leave ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport and I didn't want any complications. I needn't have worried, despite some issues with the long term parking closing the zone they directed us to we got to the airport with plenty of time, the check in lines for Air Berlin were non-existant and the lines for security were really short.

The flight itself was on time and had no problems other than with a baby who wouldn't shut up in the row in front. Needless to say that was rectified with the use of noise cancelling headphones as soon as we were high enough to use electronic devices. Was very pleased with the service considering we had no lines as mentoned previously, and the food and drinks on the flight were free. On the other side, we grouped up with the other furs who were getting the train and hung around the main train station before our flight, passing the time with Currywurst and gummi sweets and making use of the "McClean" toilets :P

I'd like to say the train journey was uneventful but after making the first connection to what should have been our second and final train, we ended up in a place called Bad Kissingen, the end of the line. What happened was that we were on the wrong half of the train and it split at some point with us in the wrong section resulting in us ending up in the wrong place. Fortunately, there was someone at the station who could speak english and he gave us instructions on how to get back to Suhl but it did mean we had to wait around for a further 40 mins before getting the train to Elfershausen which was a totally deserted station before waiting a further 40 minutes before getting the Erfurt train to Suhl. By an amazing stroke of luck, we ended up in the same carriage as Furble, Thalyi and co so we spent the rest of the journey with them.

On arrival to Suhl, the first thing I realised was how picturesque the place was. The taxi drive up the hotel gave us a good view of the scenery and the heavily forrested area. Got registered and checked in pretty easily before dumping our gear in the hotel and heading for the BBQ, which was in summary, awesome. Absolutely delicious sausages, burgers and other great stuff including endless free beer, certainly worth the €12 we paid for it. It was also a great place to bump into furs and socialise with folks I havn't seen in ages. Took a lot of photos over the course of the evening before my crappy batteries gave up (really need to get some working rechargables).

At around 10pm we were informed of some "news" by Uncle Kage of a zombie breakout (keeping in with the horror theme of the con) before a bunch of people dressed in halloween attire broke out and started turning people into zombies by handing out zombie tags. I got tagged twice but ended up without a tag as mine were nicked :P Those who were tagged were asked to walk around pretending to be zombies and if they were given extra cards they could infect others. The outcome of this is yet to be exlained but from what happened at EF12, there will be similar story theming throughout until something on the last day. While all this was going on, Arakin was practising for his skit with Colifox and others so once he was done, we decided to call it a night and write up the day on LJ.

I'd love to use the photos I took to accompany our journey but I didn't bring the Fuji cable needed (not a generic mini-USB annoyingly) nor an XD card reader so those will have to wait until I get back to the UK. Tomorrow we'll be taking advantage of an early breakfast before maybe hitting the pool and heading into town for some supplies. Anyway, bed now... bye!
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Soo, this is what it feels like to wake up at 3:30am... I'm round [ profile] arakinuk's place as we're off to Stansted at this god-forsaken hour. It's an 8am flight meaning we need to be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, and with it taking about 1hr 30mins to get to the airport by car, we have to leave by 4:30am. We really should have got to sleep sooner but we didn't do so until about 11pm... at well, at least we will have energy drinks to fuel us on!

We'll be getting a flight to Nuremberg before getting trains to get to Suhl for this year's Eurofurence. So yeah, time to shower and make like a tree and get the hell out of here... sorry, at this time of the morning I'm not quite all there. See you at EF if you're going!

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