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So it's been a week now since I got back from Eurofurence and I thought I'd do a little write up about my experience of it. I've been doing Eurofurence every other year since EF12 (2006) and apart from the language barrier, i have largely enjoyed them. However when Eurofurence moved to the Maritim in 2010 for EF16, I felt that the convention lost some of it's charm. Partly because the con had got to around 1000 attendees and it didn't feel like the friendly little con of previous years, but also the hotel just didn't feel very good for a furry con. It felt like there wasn't as much opportunity to socialise and wandering around the atrium became boring after a while.

Fortunately, this year's Eurofurence was much better, at least for me, than it was in 2010. They had made a number of improvements which comes with experience of them now being there their third year. The most notable improvement I only realised when the convention had ended and the hotel staff were returning the hotel to normal which was the large round tables at the back end of the atrium were lower and had seats rather than being standing height and no seating like it was in 2010. This created a lot more space where you could sit about and socialise and I also noticed artists were taking advantage by using the space for drawing stuff.

I suppose another reason I didn't enjoy EF16 so much was because I didn't have my fursuit with me. I was getting a bit fed up with the suit and couldn't be bothered with the luggage hassle bringing it would be. I ended up getting a bit bored having points where I didn't have anything to do at EF16 whereas at EF18, I just fursuited when there wasn't anything better to do. I think of all the conventions I've attended, I fursuited most at EF18 and I really enjoyed myself as a result. Which is amusing when you think I first got my fursuit (at least the head and paws) just in time for EF12. The fursuit is really starting to show its age however. I'm no good with repairs so it's getting in a worse state. It also doesn't help that the suit never fit me well in the first place as there's a gap at the back of the neck despite the flap on the head and the arms aren't really long enough to cover the paws so you keep on seeing my wrists. I'd love a new fursuit but sadly other things are far more important to pay for.

Anyway, I'll try to stop focusing on the negatives of my time at EF16 and focus on the positives of EF18. I met lots of great people, ranging from people I knew well, to some I kinda knew from the internet, to those I had never met before at all. One great conversation starter was the Necomimi Brainwave Controlled Cat Ears I was wearing from time to time as people were often just asking how they worked and where could they get themselves a pair. I really should be working on commission for Universal Publications considering how many people I've sent to their website where I bought mine :P

I had my new Panasonic Lumix TZ30 with me which I intended to take plenty of photos and 1080p 50fps video with. I also had a rather useful pistol grip style handle for the camera so I could take video easier and people would know it was video rather than me taking photos. I ended up capturing over 950 photos and 32gb of video. I managed to cull the photos down to around 320 and have uploaded them all to my gallery: Next step is to work through the video footage. I'm kinda torn between doing a convention feature like I've done before, or upload smaller vignettes of individual events. That said, I've still got my Confuzzled 2012 video to work through though I wasn't so pleased with that footage due to the camcorder I was using not having a very wide lens.

In summary, I really enjoyed this year's Eurofurence. Certainly enjoyed it a lot more than EF16 but I think Confuzzled is still my favourite convention of those I've attended recently. Specifically I like the size and hotel layout over EF. I've yet to register for Confuzzled due to funds not permitting and I want to be more sensible with my cash. I've another event I need to pay for at the end of this month too so it's all stacking up. I'd really love to get back to California for Further Confusion or maybe go to MFF as I'm missing America and my friends over there. Last time I did go to America was in 2009. Hopefully I'll be able to go next year but it seems doubtful at the current time. Would love to get to Australia at some point too but that's even more of an expense!
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I'm happy to announce that I have finally completed my EF16 video. I'm slightly ashamed that it's taken me 3/4 of a year to do it but I've got there in the end :)

Note, that'll play in HD in full screen :)

The main reasons for the delay in me getting the video done were due to me being unhappy with the footage. I filmed 2 hours worth and still felt I didn't have what I needed to make a coherent video like I did with my Confuzzled 2010 video. Also, due to the generally poor light in the Eurofurence hotel, most of the footage is dark and noisy, and also has random vertical lines every now and then. Next time I'll certainly be using a purpose made camcorder rather than a camera (although that said, again my CF2010 video was filmed with the same camera and that came out fine).

As I chose not to do title cards this time, here's the chapters of the video:

00:00 Rallicat, FoxB & Orona discuss an alternative BBF style video
00:29 Hotel Tour
03:37 Fursuiting Shenanigans
07:06 Jingo Montage
08:36 DJ Kenai's Friday Night Dance
12:38 Group Photo
13:17 More Fursuiting Shenanigans
15:26 Blacksnip Promotes the UK Furry Conventions
16:04 Fursuit Parade
20:53 Even More Fursuiting Shenanigans
22:27 DJ BBF's Sunday Night Dance
25:35 Credits
25:52 Bonus Post Credits Scene

Download links:

Eurofurence 16 (720p).mkv - 1.7Gb - 1280x720 - Best Quality
Eurofurence 16 (720p).wmv - 1.2Gb - 1280x720 - Very Good Quality (Xbox 360 Compatible)
Eurofurence 16.avi - 224Mb - 640x360 - Average Quality

Enjoy & let me know what you think :)
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Photo courtesy of [ profile] arakinuk, which was taken by [ profile] whitepaw using Arakin's cam

Well I already did detail about my eventful trip in and first day of the con in my previous post. Now to cover the rest of the trip before it all oozes out of my brain forgotten forever :)

Days 2 - 5 under cut (It's a biggy!) )

Eurofurence was a great con, though I don't think I enjoyed it as much as I did with EF12. EF12 was easier to get to and language didn't seem to be as much of an issue as it was this time round. I think due to the extra travelling, I felt that I really should have known a bit more of the language. Also, it's a minor thing, but I was expecting them to carry the zombie thing they did on the Wednesday on throughout the con like they did with the murder mystery at EF12 but nothing more came of it. The people I did meet were great, and I had fun suiting and stuff. However, I'm currently uncertain if I'll be going to next year's. It's been announced to be in the same place as this year which just seems insane with the numbers of people who clearly want to attend. I may give it a miss and go to another con, or just save the money. I'm gonna have a lot of debt from FC after all...

Again, my photos are available at:


Sep. 1st, 2008 09:49 am
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Got to [ profile] arakinuk's about midnight last night and crashed out due to being so tired, however the trip itself was stress free and straight forward.

Anyway, I've got lots to write which I'll do later, I just wanted to make a post about my holiday photos.

All my EF14 photos are now online at:
Photos of my fursuit at EF, primarily ones which Arakin took (or had taken with his camera) are available at:

Anyway, I've got to get back home now... bye!
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Thrillicious as performed by [ profile] colifox, [ profile] hawthorn, [ profile] badgerguy and [ profile] arakinuk:

A pan from the encore of the Stage Fever show:

Crossposted from [ profile] eurofurence
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Just a quick post to say I have uploaded the first lot of my photos to my gallery, they're now viewable at

(Thanks to [ profile] gaz_a for the XD card reader!)
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Before anyone says I should be enjoyng the con I should first point out I've had a very long day and will be going to sleep shortly after writing this. As I've mentioned previously, I woke up at 3:30am before setting of around 4:30am. I was panicing cos we should leave ourselves plenty of time to get to the airport and I didn't want any complications. I needn't have worried, despite some issues with the long term parking closing the zone they directed us to we got to the airport with plenty of time, the check in lines for Air Berlin were non-existant and the lines for security were really short.

The flight itself was on time and had no problems other than with a baby who wouldn't shut up in the row in front. Needless to say that was rectified with the use of noise cancelling headphones as soon as we were high enough to use electronic devices. Was very pleased with the service considering we had no lines as mentoned previously, and the food and drinks on the flight were free. On the other side, we grouped up with the other furs who were getting the train and hung around the main train station before our flight, passing the time with Currywurst and gummi sweets and making use of the "McClean" toilets :P

I'd like to say the train journey was uneventful but after making the first connection to what should have been our second and final train, we ended up in a place called Bad Kissingen, the end of the line. What happened was that we were on the wrong half of the train and it split at some point with us in the wrong section resulting in us ending up in the wrong place. Fortunately, there was someone at the station who could speak english and he gave us instructions on how to get back to Suhl but it did mean we had to wait around for a further 40 mins before getting the train to Elfershausen which was a totally deserted station before waiting a further 40 minutes before getting the Erfurt train to Suhl. By an amazing stroke of luck, we ended up in the same carriage as Furble, Thalyi and co so we spent the rest of the journey with them.

On arrival to Suhl, the first thing I realised was how picturesque the place was. The taxi drive up the hotel gave us a good view of the scenery and the heavily forrested area. Got registered and checked in pretty easily before dumping our gear in the hotel and heading for the BBQ, which was in summary, awesome. Absolutely delicious sausages, burgers and other great stuff including endless free beer, certainly worth the €12 we paid for it. It was also a great place to bump into furs and socialise with folks I havn't seen in ages. Took a lot of photos over the course of the evening before my crappy batteries gave up (really need to get some working rechargables).

At around 10pm we were informed of some "news" by Uncle Kage of a zombie breakout (keeping in with the horror theme of the con) before a bunch of people dressed in halloween attire broke out and started turning people into zombies by handing out zombie tags. I got tagged twice but ended up without a tag as mine were nicked :P Those who were tagged were asked to walk around pretending to be zombies and if they were given extra cards they could infect others. The outcome of this is yet to be exlained but from what happened at EF12, there will be similar story theming throughout until something on the last day. While all this was going on, Arakin was practising for his skit with Colifox and others so once he was done, we decided to call it a night and write up the day on LJ.

I'd love to use the photos I took to accompany our journey but I didn't bring the Fuji cable needed (not a generic mini-USB annoyingly) nor an XD card reader so those will have to wait until I get back to the UK. Tomorrow we'll be taking advantage of an early breakfast before maybe hitting the pool and heading into town for some supplies. Anyway, bed now... bye!
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Soo, this is what it feels like to wake up at 3:30am... I'm round [ profile] arakinuk's place as we're off to Stansted at this god-forsaken hour. It's an 8am flight meaning we need to be at the airport at least 2 hours in advance, and with it taking about 1hr 30mins to get to the airport by car, we have to leave by 4:30am. We really should have got to sleep sooner but we didn't do so until about 11pm... at well, at least we will have energy drinks to fuel us on!

We'll be getting a flight to Nuremberg before getting trains to get to Suhl for this year's Eurofurence. So yeah, time to shower and make like a tree and get the hell out of here... sorry, at this time of the morning I'm not quite all there. See you at EF if you're going!
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I guess that makes me number 502... yep, I decided :)

Furry cons

Jan. 17th, 2007 07:12 am
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Needless to say I am quite jealous of all the prople going off to FC this year. I really enjoyed myself last year, apart from the food poisoning or whatever it was. There seemed to be a lot of reasons why I should go, people I'd want to see there, etc., but I said to myself I'd skip it this year so I can get to AC for a bit of variety. Part of me is regretting this decision, I just hope it's not the wrong one and my trip to Anthrocon will be a good one. Because I'm going to AC, I decided that I wouldn't be able to make EF too due to it's close proximity and subsequent lack of fundage. However the more I think about it, as EF is in September this year and AC is in early July, I think there's enough time between them now. Still umming and aahing if I should go. Literally everyone else seems to be going. If I do decide to go, I've got to work out the hassle of getting myself from Frankfurt to Suhl too. Hmm, decisions decisions.
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Just when you thought it was over, there's one more post.  It's probably the equivilent of the post most people do regarding the con, skipping all the detail.  However, I just wanted to make sure I got everything down for my own memories as I know how good it is to look back over journal entries in years to come :).

I have to say I quite enjoyed Eurofurence.  It was my first Eurofurence, my first time in Germany and my first time fursuiting at a con.  I met lots of people I knew from online and even more I hadn't.  Everyone was so friendly, I can't really say I had a problem with anyone at the con.  It was great meeting all these UK furs I had never heard of before too.  It's always odd when you have to travel to a foreign country to meet someone who lives down the road :P.  One thing which I was quite embarrassed about was the fact that so many of the people there who don't speak English as their first language, speak it so well while I barely know a few phrases of French and a few words in German.

I learnt a lot from it being my first proper time fursuiting.  Despite having two fursuits prior, I never really had the oppertunity to properly suit up in front of lots of random people with other fursuits and stuff.  I certainly didn't take to it as well as [ profile] utlah74 did who was fursuiting at EF for his first time.  I don't know why, maybe it was I was only wearing a partial suit, but I still had problems dropping my inhibitions and was just thinking far too sensibly for someone wearing a fuzzy cat costume.  Other than that, I figure I need to work on the pose thing.  Photographers love taking photos of fursuiters, so I need to work on making things interesting for those taking photos and stuff.  I had seen what others were doing, but I felt quite conscious that I didn't want to appear to be copying others.  Ah well, I'm sure in time I'll gather the skills and stuff.

It'll also help me not being totally tired all the time.  I must have spent the entire con tired due to the initial day waking up at 2.15am and the following days were all late nights and early mornings...  Not too sure how I'd tackle tiredness, can always do the thing where I arrive a day early but I'd still want to make the most of the con.  I feel like time spent sleeping is time spent missing the con... but in the end I just crashed out from being unable to stay conscious.  That's something I could do on improving though, my stamina.  I really enjoyed the dances, especially while I was in fursuit, but I got pretty knackered pretty quickly from pretty much going all out and burning all my energy in a small space of time.  Only real way to fix this will be to get in better shape really.

Can't really think of much else to say, but I really enjoyed my time there.  I'm not sure if I'll be going to the next one as I'm making plans to make Anthrocon 2007 my con for next year.  It'll cost twice as much as going to FC, but I'd like to do it again to see how much it's changed in the 5 years since I went to my first ever furry con in 2002.  Just starting to get plans together at the moment.  Main thing is working out how to maker a holiday out of it.  I'd really like to visit some furs in the area or nearby and possibly go to a theme park with some decent coasters.
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Right, on with the final day, I shall complete this report!

The Sunday was the only day I didn't get down for breakfast.  Instead, we were all busy making sure we were packed up and ready to check out.  On returning the keys, we got our 20 euro deposit back, which would come in handy as I had spent all the cash I had bought previously.  The only real event of the day was the group photo which eventually took place at noon.  Until then, we pretty much just socialised with people we had come to know via the con.

The photo itself took place quite a distance from the hostel infront of a large archway.  Somehow everyone managed to fit in for the photos, which I doubt I'll appear in any of cos some twunt on the row in front insisted on holding up ferret puppet the entire time, blocking my face... anyway, after the photo, people started leaving and going their seperate ways.  Our flight wasn't until 7pm and so we had plenty time to kill.  We were allowed to store our baggage in the dining room while we went off into Nuremberg in search of food.

Now, I'm not sure if it's a religious thing or what, but unlike in the UK, pretty much everything is closed on a Sunday, even restaurants.  We had planned to go to a restaurant which was below street level which had caught our eye before, but unfortunately it was closed, much like everywhere else.  So while we pondered where we could go for food, a helpful old german man, who had obviously worked out that we were foreigners after a place to eat pointed at his mouth asking "Essen?" ("Eat").  [ profile] colifox took the directions from him and we ended up at some sort fo English themed bratwurst restaurant.  It wasn't a great service, nor was I took keen on the food either (I had 10xbratwurst with sourcraut) but it was somewhere to eat and spend our remaining time in Germany.

We then made our way back to the hostel to meet up with the others who were getting the same flight, and got the hostel to send 2 mini-bus sized taxis to take us to the airport.  Worked out very cheap this way as we had 7 in one vehicle which split the cost nicely.  As it most non UK airports I've been to, Nuremberg airport was pretty much devoid of any interesting shops and things to help spend the time.  We ended up just sitting at the seats playing DSes until checkin opened.  Once through checkin, shopping and entertainment were even worse, with there literally being 2 shops there... and that was it.  Security was much more swift than coming from the UK but that was partly due to it being a smaller airport and secondly due to the fact that their security wasn't as highly strung as in the UK.

For some reason Air Berlin didn't just have a walkway from the airport terminal to the plane itself, raher we had to get on a bus which ferried us over to the plane which was waiting in a deserted area in the grounds of the airport.  Flight back was again relatively harmless.  Food was better this time round, but still very basic.  The flight itself took no time at all, leaving only security and baggage claim before the long journey home.  For some reason, on arrival to Stansted I was pretty giggly and couldn't help smiling at security after realising the security officer looked like Howard from the Halifax ads (not helped by [ profile] mecklar shouting "Who gives you extra?" while queuing).  Slowly but surely, the remaining people we had spent the past 5 days with made their own way home, leaving [ profile] andysquirrel to drive [ profile] arakinuk and myself home.

Fortunately, I remembered which zone we were parked in as Andy had completely forgotten.  Kinda worrying really cos had I not just happened to remember the letter K, we might still be looking for the car now :P.  The drive home seemed to be quicker than the drive there, eventually getting home around midnight.  Needless to say, I crashed out and slept soundly in my own bed that night.  I really appreciated the fact that I had the Monday off as I would have been pretty useless at work if I had to go in.

Anyway, that's the end of the report, had a great time which I won't forget.  I expect to be making one last EF12 post to summarise my time at the con.
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Woke up early again for breakfast before popping my nose into the "DDR & More" event with [ profile] rasetsugalford but they were playing Guitar Hero so was relatively dull.  I figured that event would have done better is scheduled for a much later evening slot.  Instead, we went out to Nuremberg to take some touristy photos and also introduce Galford and [ profile] mecklar to the Currywurst, comic shop and waffles I had experienced with [ profile] arakinuk the day before.  In fact, while we were out, we bumped into Arakin with [ profile] reioki and her boyfriend at the comic shop.  On the way back, Mecklar picked up a new suitcase and a wooden ornament souvenier.  I bought some posh chocolate for myself and for the parents, as well as a gigantic 1l souvenir stein for my Dad.

Memory is starting to run dry now, but I made sure I watched the "Smoking Pencils" event which was 2 teams of artists competing against each other in various unconventional artistic challenges such as drawing an object you have only touched, building things with pipe cleaners and drawing by moving the paper while someone holds the pen.

After that event, we retired to the bar for some relaxation before the murder mystery resolution.  I watched it, but realised I really hadn't been paying attention enough to understand most of it.  Regardless, the whole thing was very well done and was a nice unique touch on the convention.  After this, went downstairs for dinner before going to Nuremberg to get some energy drinks and stuff from the shopping centre with Arakin to prepare for the night's dance as I was so hopeless at keeping going during the previous dance.

By the time we got back, the puppet show was already in full flow.  I couldn't gather the interest to go see it myself as a deep rooted part of me thinks that it's just a puppet show and I couldn't bring myself to be part of a large room of adults watching a puppet show.  I porbably should have gone as apparantly it was very good.  However, I ended up hanging out with [ profile] timduru, [ profile] calihusky, [ profile] hhp, [ profile] lonefoxx (Single Speed Cheetah) and Furfinn.

When the dance finally started (was around an hour late due to the puppet show), I got suited up and had one of the best evenings I've had, dancing away with other furs.  I tried to keep going as long as I could, but I was just totally knackered by around 2.30am and ended up sleeping through the rest of the dance as I had before.
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Really need to do these, otherwise I'm in fear of forgetting what I did, like I did for AC2002...  I expect each report will get shorter and shorter as what happened slowly becomes a distant memory... anyway, on with the report.

Up early again for breakfast, but there were no events that were worth attending that morning, so I went to Nuremberg with [ profile] arakinuk and [ profile] colifox, where we had some delicious ice cream (I had mint choc chip and Snickers flavours) before walking further into Nuremberg where Arakin introduced us to the delight that is Currywurst (large red sausage, sliced into small chunks and then covered with curry powder, paprika and curry sauce which only the Germans know how to do...) mmm!  Then went to a gigantic comic book store which put Forbidden Planet to shame.  Time was getting on, and I wanted to get back for the fursuit parade.  Got back to the hostel around 1pm which gave us time to cool down (after the exhausting hike back to the hostel) before the parade.

Got suited up and walked the short distance to the main stage hall where there were already a large number of fursuiters and photographers.  Did my best to mingle with the other fursuiters, posing for photos and the like before the parade began.  The parade had what must have been in the region of 80 fursuiters walking around the grounds of Nuremberg castle, following Mystifur (dressed as his raccoon) who was playing cheesy music from a ghetto blaster for people to bop along to :P  It was a rather cool, if totally surreal experience, but I really enjoyed the attention.  At one stage, even [ profile] unclekage stopped to take my photo which I thought was pretty cool :D.  Come to the end of the parade, we gathered around a kinda rocky formation.  As I was one of the first there, I thought it'd be good to get up at the back to allow more people at the front.  However the side effect was I ended up right behind the tree so no real good photos exist of me in the group shot.  After it was decided enough photos had been taken, everyone disappeared back inside the hostel and I went back to my room to change.

The whole experience had been pretty sweaty, and because I had no protective balaclava type thing, the inside of my fursuit head got pretty moist, and you could see the inside of the white fur had got a bit dirty.  Now, I'm always one who takes pride in my posessions, especially something like this, and so I have to say I felt a little depressed at what happened to the head and got it in my head (my mind, not the fursuit head this time) that the suit didn't look any good as a partial.  As such, when people were suiting up for the second (and final) fursuit photoshoot, I decided to opt out.

Instead, I watched the fursuit masquarade which was very short before going too to Nuremberg with Arakin and Colifox again.  Arakin took us to a place where they sell lots of Bratwurst.  I had the meal which contained 10 sausages!  It's worth pointing out that these were small sausages, not the giant one I know I was expecting!  Went for Belgian waffles in the so called "Australian" chocolate shop which was playing American music (and being in Germany, was totally confused about it's nationality).  The waffles were freshly cooked while we waited and then smothered with chocolate and an ice cream of our choosing.  I went for the belgian chocolate, and I have to say it was delicious!  While we were waiting, we had a bit of a natter with the girl who worked there, who was an english student, so was pretty good with the language.  She thought we were there for the games convention which was apparantly in town, however we had to put her straight on that one and explain we were there for the furry con.  She had no idea what that was so we had fun explaining.  Anyway, after filling up on sugary delights, we made our way back to the hostel in order to catch the [ profile] unclekage vs [ profile] 2_gryphon show.

Now, I had seen Uncle Kage perform before doing his story hour at AC2002, and so I knew what to expect, being an amusing series of annecdotes, told with great enthusiasm and comic timing (which in this instance, Kage's show was again very entertaining, including a story about the demise of AC's old hotel).  However, I had only heard of 2 before, but had never found myself bothered enough to seek out any of his work.  I was very pleasantly suprised that 2's show was also very funny.  He obviously knew his audience as he made fun of things like religion, america and furries.  In fact, once 2's show was over and they both went head to head on stage, they both openly mocked America as best they could (almost like they weren't allowed to while in America and had to get it off their chests), amongst other subjects.  As the night drew on, both of them were out of material, but the audience still wanted more.  So they ended up just drawing things which best described a word someone called out.  It was obviously late as someone called out "anthropromorphic waffle" and also "George Bush", to which Kage did the obvious thing and drew an asshole.  After things just got silly, they called it a night and everyone went to bed after a thoroughly entertaining evening.
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Thursday, I reluctantly woke up reasonably early to hit the showers before anyone else. It's worth pointing out at this moment that Eurofurence is held in a youth hostel and not a hotel.  As such, luxuries such as ensuite bathrooms don't exist. I wasn't too keen on the whole communal shower thing so just wanted to get it out of the way.  I needn't have worried really as it wasn't really a problem during the time I was there.  It was just a bit awkward changing clothes while in the shower.  [ profile] arakinuk had the right idea of bringing a dressing gown to overcome this problem.

Anyway, after showering, had breakfast (which is served between 8-10am only so you can't sleep in if you want breakfast) which consisted of a selection of rolls, sliced meats, cheese, various cereals and yogurts.  Nothing special, but it filled the hole until lunch time.  After breakfast, I met up with [ profile] rasetsugalford and [ profile] mecklar who missed breakfast.  As such, they decided that we should venture out for something to eat and I needed to get myself a toothbrush.  I think Utah came with us too at this stage, a UK fur I hadn't met before.  Wondered around trying to find a cash machine for Mecklar but failing miserably.  Ended up buying uber bakery products such as a chocolate covered croissant which was very tasty indeed :).

On getting back from town, I went in search of the Kangaroo boot demonstration which I thought would be interesting, however they weren't anywhere to be seen.  So, I ended up mingling until lunch time came round.  Can't remember exactly what it was, I think it some sort of chilli type thing which was pretty nice nonetheless.  Following lunch, was the Fursuit Gameshow which consisted of various tasks which would be reasonably easy for the normal person, but difficult if you're wearing a bulky furry costume.  Rounds consisted of random things such as hula hoop spinning, transporting balloons, picking up sicks (forget the proper name for this), carrying unicorn toys and blowing bubbles.  On the projection screen to the right of the stage was an image featuring the picture [ profile] omega256 (Murray Mouse) drew for my site which made me smile.

After the gameshow, I went back with [ profile] pippinbear, [ profile] durandal2uk and [ profile] calihusky to get suited up for the fursuit photoshoot.  However, as the gameshow overran somewhat and it took the guys time to get dressed, by the time we got to the photoshoot room, they were packing up.  so instead, we pratted about in fursuit and wondered outside breifly before going back to de-cattify.

Had dinner at 6pm which was remarkably like breakfast but with minor revisions.  I'm having trouble remembering what happened the rest of the day, but I do remember getting exceedingly pissed off at the fact that the Heather Alexander concert was overring by about 2 hours and I was getting really tired, wanting to suit up again for the fursuit dance which was due to follow the concert.  When it did finally finish, I did have a good hour or so dancing about in fursuit to rave style music, which was really fun in itself, if a bit sweaty.  Sadly I couldn't keep going as long as I would have liked and ended up crashing on my bed and falling asleep while the dance was still going on.  Remember, my room was just a hop, skip and a jump away from the main stage which was playing very loud dance music, but I was so zonked, I just slept right through.
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I had tried to get to sleep early Tuesday evening in preparation for the extremely early time I had to wake up, but I only managed to get to sleep around 10.30pm.  I woke up in a semi zombie-like state at 2.15am and jumped in the shower.  Left around 2.45am and we picked up [ profile] arakinuk at 3.30am before continuing on to Stansted, getting to the car park just after 5pm.

Shortly after getting to the terminal building, and joining the queue for check in, [ profile] utlah74 called to say he was just arriving himself, fursuit in hand.  I turned around to notice Utlah and waved him over.  The fursuit was in a box just a tad too big to put directly into my luggage (as I would have hoped) so I had to take it out of it's box and put all the fursuit bits in my luggage, all in plain view of the queue for check in :P.  Anyway, checking in was simple enough, but the queue for passport control was absolutely huge, stretching across the width of the airport almost.  It seemed to go fairly fast so wasn't too much of a problem, despite the Disneyesque deceptive queue length (once through the door, there was more windy queue to wait in).  Once on the other side, I only really had time to grab a sandwich before getting the tram thing to the gate.

Was quite cool getting on the plane with so many other furs.  There must have been around 20-30 furs on the plane.  The flight itself was pretty pain free despite the delayed boarding for some unknown reason.  It was a cheap airline but by no means as bad as SleazyJet.  You got complimentary sandwiches and soft drinks but obviously nothing too special, as it was only a short flight anyway.  On arriving, it was all very swift, the passport control people badely even bothering to glance at my passport before walking throught o baggage claim and collecting my easily identifiable bright yellow case :).

Couldn't be bothered with the whole public transport thing so 4 of us got a taxi to the hostel.  Was quite cheap when split 4 ways, like around 3 euros each.  The hostel itself was on top of a steep hill.  I hadn't really looked at EF11 photos so didn't really know what to expect but it was all pretty impressive.  Inside were random people, most who I had never met before, apparantly queuing for something but we were told registration was closed.  Arakin dashed off to treat me to some Mezzo Mix (A Coke branded drink which is a mix of Coke and Fanta Orange) while we waited for registration to open.  Lots of other UK furs were arriving while we were waiting, such as [ profile] agrajag_fur, [ profile] stu_ath and [ profile] rapidofrog.

Apparantly once registration was open, it went very smoothly compared with previous years.  Inside my pack was a con book, registration badge complete with food card and also a fursuit badge which I had requested online previously.  Also exchanged 20 euros for my room keys and then made my way to the room.  As I had made a request for room on the fursuiter's floor, we ended up on the 3rd floor, in room 316, literally right next to the fursuiter's headless lounge which was sandwiched between our room and the main stage.  The room itself was reasonably small but it had 2 double bunk beds, a wardrobe and a sink which was all we could need really.  I claimed a bottom bunk remembering Glis' nightmare tales of a hostel in Amsterdam (I'm not going to repeat the story here).

After getting settled in, we ventured back out and hooked up with [ profile] skunki for some food at a kebab place.  Continuing the rule that seems to be kebabs are nice anywhere apart from the UK, it was very nice.  I tried out some random drink there which turned out to be a 7up clone, while Arakin had a can of "Schwip Schwap" which was Pepsi's (inferior) version of Mezzo Mix.  Wondered back to the hostel, after dropping by an art supply shop and a "Norma" supermarket.

Pretty much socialised in the main dining room while waiting for the "Grand Opening" where the murder mystery began.  The murder mistery being a nice extra twist on the con.  Basically, "Madame DaReal" supposedly died during the opening and there's clues left around the con and in the con book as to the motive and reason behind it, etc.  Following the ceremony, there was a barbeque put on where they had freshly grilled meat.  Was also a good oppertunity to start chatting with random people who you ended up sharing the tables with.

I was feeling pretty damn tired by this time, and I wasn't sure if I could be bothered suiting up.  Lots of others got suited aroun 8pm so I just grabbed photos and videos of their antics.  However, some time later on in the evening I decided to suit up after being encouraged by [ profile] durandal2uk.  I had been wearing my contact lenses, and as my eyes had got sore from being tired, I was wearing the fursuit without really being able to see that far.  I went down to the lobby and mingled a little letting people take photos, etc.  Was fun, if a little scary as I couldnt see very far due to eyesight and mesh in front of my eyes, but the suit was well received, especially amongst those I already knew.  One thing I did learn from the experience is that I need to learn poses!

After that, I think I just went back to my room and went to bed... day 2, hopefully coming soon.  In the meantime, here's another photo I found of my fursuit, taken on the Friday during the parade:

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I still can't believe it's all come together.  I'll be collecting my fursuit tomorrow at the airport and I've got everything else packed in preparation for the con.  I've nothing else to worry about apart from meeting Utlah at the airport to make the exchange.  Oh, that and actually get up in time to board the flight :P

For that reason, I'm off to bed now, I expect to get up around 2.30ish.  Not too sure if I can get much sleep considering how excited I am.  Gotta love silly o'clock flights from airports which aren't exactly close...
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I don't normally make happy birthday posts, but I've not been able to get hold of Murray for a while and had some good news I think he'd appreciate.  On Saturday, I got an email from Cheetah, one of the people who runs Eurofurence who was asking for permission to use the pic Murray drew for my site as part of the logo for the Eurofurence Fursuit Gameshow.  It's quite impressive they'd ask for that, and so I've given them a positive response.  I expect Murray will be his normal modest self and claim it's not good enough, etc :P

Regardless, I hope this news makes Murry's birthday a slightly more happy one :)
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Looks like the organisers at Eurofurence are really taking measures to ensure the fursuiters have a good time.  They sent an email through detailing what they have planned which includes the following:

Free Fursuit Badges
Masquerade / Costume Contest
Fursuit Gameshow
Fursuit Parade
2 Fursuit Lounges (and residential floors)
Fursuit Photoshoot
Fursuit Dance

I'm thinking about participating in the gameshow as it could be a good laugh but I'm a little uncertain as I've not much performance experience.  The description of the event is as follows:

We are planning a single elimination tournament for 8 teams of two suiters each.

90 minutes of fun games and lots of action while still being safe for all suiters. We'll challenge your creativity and dexterity, let you interact with the audience, and there'll even be a prize to be won.

Dunno who else is doing this... but I'm thinking I might just watch rather than participate.  I'm sure that considering they're only after 16 suiters the slots will fill pretty quickly.

But yeah, I'm very impressed by what the EF organisers are doing.  I just hope my fursuit maker keeps their promise and I get my suit in time :)

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