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I managed to persuade [ profile] arakinuk to dig out some of the photos he took while we were in California for FC2008, including the following photo:

It's SlyCat holding a can of Brawndo, the energy drink from the great Mike Judge film Idiocracy which Arakin had shipped to the FC hotel :).

Also worthy of note, this is the first photo I've posted of SlyCat sporting his new feet made by [ profile] white_wolf which arrived in time at FC.
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Monday is officially the last day of the con, but to be honest, for most it's the day people leave. For this reason, I made sure I had something else to do other than sit around in the hotel watching people leave, getting upset. As such, after helping Arakin pack up and check out (after moving my stuff up to room 558), [ profile] arakinuk, [ profile] badgerguy, [ profile] lycrawolf and I went off to California's "Great" Mall. I put the great in quote marks because it's called The Great Mall, but to be honest, I found it somewhat underwelming. Not as big as they'd like to make you think, nor are there really any decent shops that I wanted to visit. We did go to Hot Topic, a place I like to make sure I go to when in America to pick up funky t-shirts but even they didn't have anything on offer which inspired me so I left the mall somewhat disappointed I couldn't find anything to spend my money on other than Arby's... which was less than fantastic (the food court offerings were also a bit crappy). Ah well, maybe go to the other mall next year, if I go to FC that is.

After coming back from the mall, I hung out with [ profile] avon_deer and [ profile] alohawolf near the bar chatting, waiting for the Dead Dog Party to get going. Ended up having a meal in the hotel restaurant (not the posh one) and had a half pounder which I couldn't finish due to being so big and me having Arby's earlier. Then went to join the Dead Dog Part as it had finally gotten going. To start off with, I was feeling a bit weird having been shivering while still wearing my hoodie inside but then felt rather warm so wasn't so keen on fursuiting, however after Arakin had got dressed up and I saw all the suiters there, I thought I couldn't pass up the last oppertunity to suit up at the con and so dragged Arakin back to my room to help me suit up (after having much grief getting my contacts in). I'm very glad I did suit up as I had a lot of fun dancing about, met a lot of folks and just had a great time. Stayed until the dance wrapped up at 11pm.

Now the convention has officially wrapped, I can't help feeling I should have done more. I spent a lot of time, well too much time in the hotel room when I could have been down in the lobby meeting random people. Of course my time old problem is that I can't just talk random people, I have to be introduced as I can be a bit shy. I would have liked to suit up more but I think I'll need to get a new revision of my suit or a new suit altogether if I want to suit more. This is mostly due to the deign of the head. Externally, it looks great but interall, there's a big chunk of foam in the mouth and a bit of material over the lip which is loose which is very annoying when sweaty. I'd like the muzzle to be hollow to increase air fow, but that's the downside of the way my head was designed, based on a balaclava. Well we'll see, I've lots of debts to pay off before gettng another sut...

Anyway, I really enjoyed myself, met some great new people and am sad to be going. Next con will be EF. Still uncertain if I will be going to FC09, but I enjoyed it more than AC so it's a maybe at this point in time.

Today, I'll be getting picked up by Arakin and have a bit of a touristy day in San Jose before I have to get my flight back down to Bob Hope/Burbank at 6pm to meet up with Hunterkitty again. Was a real shame he couldn't make the con. Tomorrow, I need to figure out what I'm to do with my day if Hunter can't get the time off work, although I have made arrangements to meet up with Stego and Kat tomorrow evening. Nothing planned for the time on Thursday before my evening flight either so will need to work something out...
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This was the last day of the con for many people, some because they were leaving that evening to go to work tomorrow, others because there really isn't much to do on the Monday anyway. It was the last day for my roomies [ profile] stego_s_aurus, [ profile] vircoo and Grant. It was great hanging out with those guys and it was sad to see them go.

Elsewhere, sadly the Critterlympics was a washout due to rain so I ended up just floating about and going between the room and the hotel lobby area. Hooked up with [ profile] arakinuk once I had seen my roomies off at around 6pm with the plan of going to Denny's with Bushycat. Come 7.30pm we were still waiting and I wanted to see the variety show (I hadn't seen one show live yet at the con). So I ended up getting some pizza from the hot food counter before joining the show. Amazingly the show had started on time at 7:30pm with a performance by the San Jose Taiko drummers before the actual show started. After the performances had concluded and I had handed in my ballot form, I went for a quick toilet break only to find I couldn't get back in to the room because they were allegedly over capacity. I was told to move out of the way and just felt a bit taken back by this. I didn't have anything else to do and I wanted to see the conclusion of the show. I decided to go back to Arakin's room as I had expected he would be back from dining by then but only [ profile] perlandria was there. She tried to cheer me up best she could as I was noticably upset (emotions kinda running riot due to end of con vibe) and made me some british tea while we waited for Arakin to return.

Eventually got Arakin to go fursuiting with me at around half 11 only to find that the music in the dance area was just plain awful. It was effectvely just a repeatative beat with no other sounds and the occaisonal break. Not very fursuit friendly, or good at all to be honest. We ducked back into the headless lounge and pretty much everyone else was feeling the same about the music. Was a nice oppertunity to socialise with some other fursuiters however. Found [ profile] tilt_longtail chilling out behind the stage in his Jax made Greifer suit. I know he's been after a photo of us together since AC so we went out in search of a photographer. There was a semi-official photographer but they werepacking up so we found [ profile] kinkyturtle who did the honours. As the music never got any better, Arakin and I made our way back to my room to de-suit and sleep.

Today, I need to check out of Stego's room and move into what was [ profile] hunterkitty's room with [ profile] avon_deer up on the fifth floor and then find something to do for the day. I've vague plans to go to the Great Mall like I did last time, and I think [ profile] badgerguy is up for it too. So hopefully today won't be too depressing, I'm off to have a shower... bye!
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Yesterday, I finally got round to fursuiting and I felt much better for it. Thanks to [ profile] lycrawolf I was able to get a suitable undersuit for the fursuit which meant no soggy t-shirts to worry about. I got suited around 2pm for the parade which as always took forever to get going (it was scheduled for 2:30 but seemed to be at least 3pm when it started. Lots of photos were taken so I hope to see those online later. The end of the parade seemed to be somewhat disorganised as I figure people were expecting a group photo but it never happened and people just seemed to randomly disperse. I followed some people but when I realised they were just going to the elevator, I circled back and joined the queue for fursuit badges before chilling out in the headless lounge before going back to the room. Allegedly the parade was in excess of 380 participants which would break the record set at AC of 353. I'm proud to be part of both :)

Elsewhere during the day, I also got a new badge made by an artist going by the name of Balto (I think) who did great toony stuff. Was good to get another badge as I couldn't find any of my old ones when I was packing at home other than the one done by Spunky which was only a pencil sketch, done at AC. Joined [ profile] arakinuk and [ profile] emejn for dinner at Denny's before helping Arakin pick up a box of Brawndo (The Thirst Mutilator) soda which had been delivered.

As the evening progressed, I tried to mingle in the second floor parties but kinda failed, and so I went to see what was going on at the official dance but wasn't so fussed by that either so I did end up going back to my room on my own and effectively feeling sorry for myself. I was no longer feeling jetlagged, just demotivated... Then Stego came in and gave me the pep talk I needed to get suited and join the dance at around midnight. Had fun dancing away until I burned myself out needing to chill out in the headless lounge. I went out for a bit more but realised I was totally exhausted and so made the trip back to my room, only to ind I was locked out. Not because I had forgotten my key, but because the room was "in use" and the latch had been moved over so the door wouldn't open. I was still in fursuit at this stage, physically exhausted, dripping with sweat. One of the residents of next door arrived and saw I was stuck outside so took me into his room and offered a seat and a chat which was nice. This was until I heard Grant, one of my roomies also trying to get in. About 5-10 mins later we were able to get in and I was able to get my shower before collapsing on the bed and sleeping until around 9am. Some time during the night, another bed had appeared in the room, which I presume was to allow Grant to sleep as it was his bed which was in use but Grant had fallen asleep in the armchair until morning so never used it :P.

So far, totally managed to avoid any kind of con-crud. Must be due to eating regular meals and getting a decent amount of sleep. Today, assuming the weather holds off, I'll be watching the Critterlympics at 1pm and also Furry Night Live. My roomies Stego, Grant and Vircoo are leaving around 6pm so I'll have the room to myself for the night and then I got a whole lot of nothing to do tomorrow before Tuesday when I'll be hanging out with Arakin before getting the flight back to Burbank to be reunited with Hunterkitty.
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Following on from my previous post, my roomies are great. I do the whole worrying thing but I really needn't have :).

Anyway, yesterday I didn't do a heck of a lot to be honest. After breakfast at the hotel restaurant, I wasted time on DS pictochat with my roomies while they were queuing for registration. After that I kinda floated around, looking at what was on offer in the dealers room and art show. I was quite pleased to find that my feet made by Whitewolf had arrived safely, and they are really cute and well made. I had planned to suit up but due to a combination of not having someone to help me suit up and also the lack of any undersuit (like an idiot, I left it at home), I didn't get to in the end. Also, I ended up getting very tired around 4pm which annoyed the heck out of me as I don't want to be getting tired. Energy drinks didn't really seem to help either.

Come 5pm, I went to [ profile] arakinuk's 30th birthday party which was a great success. It started off slowly (I was the first there so I was obviously hungry and wanted pizza :P) but people started showing up such as [ profile] khyle, [ profile] trajan_lj, [ profile] raelbny, [ profile] emejn, [ profile] rakhan, [ profile] furyfox, [ profile] yagfox, [ profile] mr_wolf and many others including Micah Fennec/Moody Ferret and her other half Mike. Was nice to chat with everyone, enjoy some great pizza and celebrate Arakin's birthday. I can't mention Arakin's birthday and not mention the cake which was absolutely massive. Sadly it wasn't a type of cake I really like (black forest gateau) but even after everyone had a slice, there was still more than half left.

After the party I came back to the room to see Stego and co off who went fursuiting. I didn't join them, in fact I ended up watching Iron Artist and Furmily Feud (think Family Fortune with furs :) on the FCTV channel followed by the masquerade from the first FC which was Stego's first appearance in the suit he happened to be wearing at the time. I tried finding something to do, checking out the dance but in the end, I just felt like going to bed. Sometime during the evening it appears Beetlejuice came into our room as he needed to use our hair drier... most odd.

Today however, I will be suiting, there's the fursuit parade on and I also want to get me a fursuit badge. Off to breakfast now so until next time, good bye! :)
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Took the flight up to San Jose at noon from Burbank/Bob Hpe Airport after having a crappy breakfast from Carl's Jr and saying goodbye to my host [ profile] hunterkitty. The flight was pretty quick and problem free, as was the shuttle bus to the Doubletree hotel. Bumped into [ profile] lycrawolf and [ profile] arakinuk while checking in. Joined the impossibly massive queue for registration which was delayed an hour. I moved to the sponsor line to get registered quicker and upgrade my registration but once I got to the front they said hey had no means of taking my mone so effectively, I just got registered before everyone else. After that, just spent time loitering about saying hi to people I reckognised before going out o Denny's with Arakin and some friends of his. Now, I'm back in my room, [ profile] vircoo's just arrived and [ profile] stego_s_aurus will be arriving imminently. I feel really knackered however so will be planning to sleep soon. Laters!

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