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On Saturday, [ profile] andysquirrel and I headed up to the Birmingham NEC to check out Gadget Show Live. I hadn't been to one before but it looked neat from what I saw from the previous year's event featured in the show so I thought I'd get tickets to go along to this year's one. I even got the "premium" tickets which allegedly gives you the best seats in the theatre for the stage show which takes place at the event.

Anyway, the bulk of Gadget Show Live was made up of exhibition stands from all sorts of tech companies. I've been to other such exhibitions before like Eurogamer Expo and Empire Big Screen but I found the stuff on display was much more varied and interesting than both of those. The exhibition area was split into lots of smaller groups of stuff like consumer electronics, computer games, outdoor activity tech, in car tech, music hardware, in home tech (including some of the most amusing infomercial style exhibitors trying to sell their crap) and future technology.

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It's Sony Ericsson's new XPERIA X1 which is due out late Q2 (so June I'm guessing). My contract expires on Wednesday meaning I can get me a cheap/free upgrade to a new phone. I was pondering the Nokia N95 8gb as it's less commonplace than the N95 which is everywhere, but it wasn't really feeding my gadgety hunger. I like the innovation in the Apple iPhone but without even 3G it was never going to be a winner for me... that and I very much dislike the way Apple grabs you by the balls and doesn't let go, and the whole Apple culture thing which I'm no-where near smug enough to be part of.

I'm not a big fan of Sony either. In fact today I was pondering a Blu-Ray player to get (yes, because of Ratatouille) but was disappointed by the non Sony player offerings and concluded the best way to get Blu-Ray is still to get a PS3 which I didn't want to do. Mostly thanks to the way that Sony also treats it's customers like they are not to be trusted (see PSP for point and case and also how they handled the Lik-Sang thing). However as their phone department is a collaboration with Ericsson and they've made this absolutely awesome gizmo, I'm willing to forgive their wrongdoings.

The phone itself has an impressive 800x480 resolution wide screen which measures only 3inches across (I'm a resolution whore), it's touch screen, it has a slide out full qwerty keyboard, it supports 3G and HSUPA to 3.6mbit (maybe even 7.2mbit), it even has wi-fi and GPS. Basically it's a full house on features as far as I'm concerned. It only has 3.2mp camera (same as my current one) but that's not a major issue. My only slight concern is that the OS it runs underneath is Windows Mobile. I've used Symbian for the past 5 years or so, ever since the Nokia 6600 came out, and have been relatively pleased with the interface though it is sluggish at times. I'm weary of Windows Mobile but the videos of the device make it look rather snazzy (as you'd expect a promotional video to do).

However, all the plus points outweigh the potential downpoints, so it will be my next phone. It's just a shame I'm going to have to put up with my slow Nokia N93 until whenever this comes out!

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