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Although I'm technically not done with Space Giraffe (having only got halfway through the game), I've got the highest score out of my friends list which makes me less inclined to go back to it. I still play it but there's not so much drive there to go back other than the pretty visuals and to see how far I can take the score.

However, today came the release of Every Extend Extra Extreme (AKA E4), the sequel to Every Extend Extra (AKA E3) on the PSP. E3 promised so much, being from the people who made Lumines and based on Every Extend, a fun free game you can get on the PC, however despite being tarted up for a commercial release, it still ended up being a bit tedious rather than rewarding. Forcing you to start on the same level every time and spend lots of time to advance to see the new levels only to have to start over again next time round. Unltimately, I didn't find myself picking it up as much as I had expected to for an arcadey PSP game.

However, E4 is an entirely different game. The idea of using a bomb to exlode stuff flying about on the screen and get chain reactions is still there, but they have lived up to the extra "Extreme" name. It's much faster, the scoring is much more ludicrous and it gets more and more manic as you play. Whereas E3 would have you play "skins" in the style of Lumines where every level is a different song and you have to play progressively through the songs, E4 is just 1 song played until you run out of time out of a selection of 4 song. In addition to the normal mode, there's 3 other modes, one which lets you play you own songs from MP3, another is an arcade shooter and I've not even looked at the other mode yet. Needless to say there's lot to it, and a lot of high score tables to get on. I've finished the first level with an impressive 3,200,000,000,000ish score, but I'm sure someone in my friends list will be challenging that soon!
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Finally got this in the mail today, I had almost forgotten I had ordered it at one stage. I pre-ordered it pretty much as soon as I saw this advert for it. It's basically the DS (Japanese) version of the popular Taiko No Tatsujin drum game on Playstation and Arcade in Japan. I bought it cos it claimed to come with it's own styluses to play with. I can confirm it is one of the most fun games on the DS I have at the moment. I've also got The Settlers which seems to aborb time into a vortex just like the original Amiga version did. Anyway before I digress, here's a video of me playing the game, with a tune most should recognise :)

Best I could record with an Xbox 360 camera and line in for sound. Seems YouTube crunched the sound volume down, or something that got lost in the upload. Anyway, it's a fun game, and worth importing (only cost like £25 including postage).
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I just thought I'd make a post about the Xbox 360's Live Arcade's latest offering. Other than DDR and now Guitar Hero 2, the 360 has sorely been lacking in rhythm games, and the ever impressive XBLA has now given us Boom Boom Rocket. It's effectively a very simple "push the button at the right time" style of rhythm game with only 4 possibilities (typically up, down, left and right as per DDR) and is played on a regular gamepad rather than a proprietary peripheral. It is however made by the guys behind Geometry Wars and so is oozing with polish.

The theme of the game is to blow up fireworks in time with the music, which is a great take on the genre while the music itself is jazzed up versions of classic music which is typically heard at real firework presentations. It all binds together rather satisfyingly, combining with the Live features such as world and friend leaderboards, giving you something to accomplish. I've only played a few of the songs so far, ensuring I get better scores than the others on my friends lists so far along the way. There's much of the game I've yet to even touch on so I look forward to having another go tomorrow when I don't need to be going to bed.

I'd certainly recommend this to any DDR/Bemani fans who have a 360, and if you have a 360 and this isn't your normal sort of game, you can still download the trial version. Needless to say, I bought it within seconds of playing the demo :P

This comes at a good time really as I had ordered Guitar Hero 2 for 360 for a decent price of £48 from over the weekend, however they now say up to 4 weeks for delivery. No other retailers can get close to that price so I cancelled the order. Now I'm not so bothered about getting GH2 as it's quite a dent in my wallet and I have a game to satisfy my rhythm gaming urges until GH2 becomes a bit cheaper to buy. That said, I prefer the dancified classic tunes in BBR compared with the rock tunes of GH2, but at the same time, I do like a game with a nifty peripheral :P

Anyway, to bed with me. I'm sure I'll end up dreaming of coloured arrows exploding into pretty fireworks tonight...

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