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Too tired to write a decent update on Eurofurence today, hopefully I'll make up for that tomorrow.  In the meantime, as I got paid today, I thought I'd make an order with American Soda.  They must have been reading my mind as they emailed me a 15% off voucher today which could only be used today if an order of Mountain Dew was included with the order.  Ended up ordering 24 x Stewarts Birch Beer, 24 x Sioux City Root Beer & 12 x Jolt Blues for myself, a further 24 x Stewarts Birch Beer and 24 x IBC Cream Soda for another guy at work and the 24 x Mountain Dew for Bungle.  That lot came to a total of £100 with the 15% off.  However delivery seemed to be free this time round, probably cos the order was over £100.  In addition to that, as a freebie, I've got a box of Lucky Charms coming.  To top it all off, I get a further 10% of the undiscounted amount (a further £11.77) back as I used the affiliate link on my root beer site.  I think I've done pretty well out of that lot... it's always nice to know you got a good deal on something.

Incidentally, the total I've got for affiliate linking via now stands at £40.62.  And that's accumulated in only a month which is pretty impressive.  Hopefully, I should actually receive the money at the end of the month.  Be nice to see if I could keep up that amount of revenue just from people clicking a link and buying stuff, however I think around £20 of that must have been from orders we made in the office.  Still, if anyone wants to import some drinks, I'd really appreciate it if folks clicked the link from my root beer site :D
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Today at work, we took receipt of an order from American Soda which was made up of 24 bottles of (German) Jolt Cola, 12 bottles of Vault, 24 bottles of Sioux City Sarsaparilla and of course 24 bottles of Root Beer, also by Sioux City.  Only 12 bottles of the root beer and sarsaparilla and the 12 bottles of Vault were mine as it was an order for a couple of us in the office :).

The Sarsaparilla tastes suprisingly like root beer in my opinion, but still distinctly different from the root beer fo the same brand.  Both are quite delicious... tough to call it but may just be second place to IBC in my opinion.  The Vault drink was pretty nice.  I got it because I remeber having a drink called Surge back in 2002 when I was in the states which later got discontinued.  However, Vault is effectively the new version of Surge and I think it even tastes better than the original did.  However, it also has a very high caffiene content, and so I was kinda hyper after finishing a bottle.  Although this could have been due to the sheer amount of sugar consumed in the day :P.

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