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Took delivery of my most recent order with American Soda today (Tuesday).  In this order, I had 12 Dr Pepper Berry & Cream, 12 Mug Root Beer and 12 Jolt CX2 Cherry Bombs.  The Jolt cans simply have to be seen to be believed, the image does not do it justice due to perspective and stuff... they are absolutely HUGE!  They are basically double sized cans with a resealable cap and from what I can tell are the new look for Jolt cola in the States.  The cherry flavour is actually quite nice (nicer than that of Cherry Coke as it tastes a bit more fruity) and the buzz is certainly noticeable.  I'll have to make sure I don't overdose on caffine :P

Remember, if you fancy buying something from American Soda yourself, be sure to click the bottle on the top right of my Root Beer site :).
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Mmm, just had a bowl of these for breakfast as I've not had them before, and they tasted delicious.  A bit too nice really as it was pretty sweet and was probably as nutritional as a chocolate bar :P  They were part of my £30 shopping spree from CyberCandy at the weekend and despite the $2.49 sticker on the front of them, they somehow saw it fit to charge me £5.99 ($11.16)for the box.  Quite an expensive luxury but nice none the less :D

I feel like the leprechaun cos the box cost so much and I don't want the rest of the family coming after my Lucky Charms so I've had to stick a post it note saying keep off ;)

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