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Looks like I shall be attending another LondonFur meet tomorrow.  I'm not so keen on the new venue compared with the old place myself, hopefully things are a bit better there now as there's been a few meets held there now.  Looking forward to seeing Ruin again after all this time.  I'm still pondering if I should bring my fursuit along, as I've had a few drinks this evening, I'm not sure if it's a great idea.  Obviously I want to show it off, but I'm not so keen on the hot smokey room they have at this new pub.  Also, I'm having a haircut tomorrow morning so if I wear the head after that, I'll be plucking hair out the interior for months to come :P

Ah, I guess I'll see how I feel about it in the morning.
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Had a great meet in Bournemouth yesterday.  Weather was much better than I had expected.  In fact, I had expected the weather to be so poor that people wouldn't want to go near the beach, let alone even in the water.  So I turned up in jeans, the whole time wishing I had brought shorts!

Anyway, things went fairly smoothly despite the train from my home town being late, I was still able to meet up with the others in Soton for the connecting train as that one was late too.  We played Brain Training's Calculation Battle on the train, which had to be the most fun anyone's had doing sums.  As we weren't able to get seats due to the train being over-crowded, we dubbed it "Extreme Calculation Battle!" (In manic Japanese announcer voice) as it was a challenge to stand upright, let alone do metal arithmetic.  [ profile] beaitchtwo managed to thrash anyone at the game as he seems to be able to do sums really fast...

After getting to the train station, people went to McDonald's for food before heading down to the pier.  Played a few games at the arcades there while waiting for [ profile] stu_ath to arrive.  When Ath did arrive, he stopped by briefly before disappearing with [ profile] award to go drinking.  I didn't see Athaba for the rest of the day following that... Anyway, the rest of us went down to the beach, and those with common sense had brought towels and sun block and a number of people actually went into the sea.

After that, [ profile] calgor, [ profile] anthropuppy and I went for a walk up the beach before going to Harry Ramsden's for food (well, Calgor and I went for food, Anthropuppy went to return to the others by taking a shortcut of walking on the shoreline and almost drowned himself while climbing over a groin! (note: Groins are sort of big dividers they use for sectioning off bits of the beach)).  By the time Calgor and I had stuffed our faces full of fish (as cats do apparantly) we went off to find Wardy and Athaba before going for a game of Mini Golf.  However, we were unable to find them and ended up in Starbucks in Borders.

By this time, I had developed a raging headace and wasn't feeling particularily great.  We were just about to leave for the aforementioned golfing but then Foxdragon and Mike Wolf (not to be confused with [ profile] electricdog) turned up.  By the time we were finally ready to leave, Calgor could obviously see I was feeling under the weather and offered to take me back.  I decided to take him up on the offer and made my good-byes and left with Bungle and Anthropuppy.

It was a fantastic day though, it was just a shame I ended up feeling so rotten and had to miss the mini golf (one of my main reasons for selecting Bournemouth for a meet anyway).  It did give me a feeling of wellbeing to have gone from suggesting the location and date to having 18 people in attendance.  Not sure if there'll be another, no reason why not I suppose, as long as it's held in the summer months.

The total roll call was: Me, [ profile] paw_fox, TK, [ profile] bungle_bear, [ profile] washu_chan_uk, [ profile] kyyanno, [ profile] award, [ profile] stu_ath, [ profile] anthropuppy, [ profile] calgor, [ profile] beaitchtwo, 2 guys in black I can't remember the names of, [ profile] paperkup, Kev (who also had a Japanese sounding furry name but I can't remember it... he's the one we buried), Draconder, Foxdragon & Mike Wolf

Photos of the meet can be found here.  And for an added bonus, you can see the photos from the last HantsFur meet held in April here!
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I thought I'd make an LJ post about the great weekend I had.  Basically, it was the weekend if the LondonFur meet which I hadn't got to for a while.  There were lots of great people at the meet who I got to chat with including [ profile] kiroo who I hadn't seen in absolute yonks, [ profile] hawx, [ profile] rasetsugalford, [ profile] bhavfox, [ profile] durandal2uk and lots of other great people.  Was able to have lots of great chats with folks at the meet, one highlight of which was Galford's talk about Japan... With the way he tells his stories, he could do standup comedy rather well.  Certainly better than people I've seen at Jongleurs, but that's not really saying much.

Before the meet, I visited CyberCandy to pick up some root beer.  This time round, I got the oppertunity to try Hires Root Beer, which I've not had before.  It's apparantly the first commercially available root beer.  I can say that the taste was actually quite similar to the IBC root beer I had the month before, possibly not quite a strong taste however but certainly a very good root beer :).  I also got some more Cinnamon Altoids and some random chocolates and things.

After the meet at the pub, a small group of us went off to Wagamamas on the South Bank where I had Chicken Katsu Curry (same as last time I visited the place in Birmingham).  What's noteworthy however is that I seem to have mastered eating it with chopsticks (which I've never bothered to use before) which was an accomplishment :).  After food, we went to Namco where I failed miserably at bowling against Bhav and Hawx.  Didn't actually play any other games but was good to have another good chat with folks.

Not a whole lot happened specifically but I really enjoyed the company I had for that meet, certainly a good one in my books.  Next one I'll be at will be the one on 17th June as I'll be visiting folks during the next meet.  I find it's good to not go to every fur meet anyway as it makes them more fresh.

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