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Yup, I bought the phone I've been after for some time now, the Nokia N93.  I had toyed with the idea of getting one from Expansys as they had the phone in on the 31st July and had the cost of the phone subsidised with Vodafone contracts but as the phone seemed to be perpetually waiting for stock I figured they were selling out quicker than they could get hold of them and chose to forget about it until O2 had them in stock.  However, today I was in town and happened to call by the Nokia shop.  I saw there was a space for the N93 and enquired when they'd be getting them in stock expecting them to say in a few weeks or something.  However, I was informed that they had received their shipment (of 3) today!  However, as with Expansys, it seemed I could only get it if I moved to Vodafone.  The phone would be £150 with a £40/mo contract which gave 350 free cross-network minutes, 500 free texts and "stop the clock", which means you only pay for the first 3 minutes during weekends and evenings (as long as you don't stay on the phone for more than 60 minutes).  I said I'd think about it and left the shop... I was umming and ahhing for all of a minute before I went back for the store and did the deal :).

I'm currently using my O2 sim in the phone as it's a totally unbranded and unlcoked phone until I can port the number across to Vodafone so no-one needs to change their numbers for me.  The phone itself is very impressive.  After reports of the N80 having crashing issues, I was a little weary but so far, the only problem I've found is that the gallery program can sometimes run out of memory when viewing the highest quality video recordings.  The phone is a bit on the large size, especially when folded out vertically but it's not a big problem.  The main reason for it's size is the 3x optical zoom mechanism which is a first for a mobile phone.  The mechanism isn't very smooth and is rather noisy but it does the job and is certainly good for still photography.  The selling aspect of the phone is video where it can capture video in 640x480 at 30fps meaning it's almost DVD quality.  I thought this would be handy for EF as my existing digicam can only capture 10mins on a 512mb card at the same quality (the phone uses MP4).  There's lots of nifty features in the phone which are too many to list, but being a gadget fan, it's certainly catered to all of my requirements.

Now, you're probably wondering why I took a photo of the Black DS too, considering I got that some time ago now.  Well look carefully at the photo at the GBA slot.  In there is a Super Card Lite which is basically a Micro SD card reader.  I've a 1gb Sandisk Ultra in there (see the tiny black thing in the white card) which can hold many games.  This, combined with the Superpass which goes in the regular DS slot means that I can put games on the memory card and play them on the console.  So far it's been very good, I've discovered many games which I otherwise probably wouldn't have played like Phoenix Wright, Kirby's Power Paintbrush or Mario & Luigi: Partners In Time (pictured).  Certainly a worthwhile purchase.

I just gotta watch what I pay out for the rest of the month now as I've not a lot of cash to spare with all these purchases.  Fortunately I've already bought E135 for Germany later this month so that won't be a problem.
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Well it seems that the phone I've been waiting for (or at least after the N80 came out), the Nokia N93 is now being shipped by Nokia.  This means that the phones still need to be tested by the networks before they release them, but it should mean that hopefully in under a month, I'll be able to upgrade to one of these beauties.  Would be nice to be able to get one in time for EF considering it's video capabilities.  My current Nokia 3230 is dieing a death and so could do with replacing it as soon as possible.

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