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I am of course referring to the recent news of popular Asian games import site Lik-Sang's closure due to them being unable to cope with the multiple lawsuits brought against them by Sony.  Sony had a London High court Judge rule that Lik-Sang's sales of PSPs to the UK and Euope was unlawful and has gone on to bring various further lawsuits against Lik-Sang.

On the 20th October, Lik-Sang said "Fighting multiple lawsuits in different countries at the same time and paying high premiums to expensive lawyers is an overwhelming situation for a small company like Lik Sang. Launching separate court actions with separate claims and different judges is completely unnecessary, except for the fact that it helps reaching one single target: outspend Lik-Sang to death. Pay beyond"

The result is that as of the 24th October, Lik-Sang has been forced to close it's doors.  It will be sadly missed as it was the site I could rely on to be able to get my hands on stuff from the Asian region before it's release over here (and often for a lower price).  I bought my PSP from there when it was obvious I wouldn't be able to get a US PSP on release due to lack of stock.  I think that will be the last Sony product I buy however. True, I can still use Play Asia if I wanted to, but they've already given in to Sony's demands resulting in them not allowing import of Sony products anywhere.

And that's the reason for the subject of this post, it's not just myself that's pissed by this, many games fans feel the same way.  You only need to look at the comments on the various news sites and Lik-Sang's own press release to see how people are reacting to this.  Not that Sony will care of course.  However it's looking more and more likely that PS3's sales will suffer due to dealing another blow to Sony's reputation in the gaming sector as a result of pissing off the fans combined with their absurd price points and their recent bizarre desperate claims about the Xbox 360 costing $700.
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Coming home last night at around 11pm, I noticed that the main road just after the turnoff for my road had been closed and there was a police car behind the cordoned off area and a policeman leaning against the car.  Had no idea what was going on... until I looked at BBC News this morning and found this article.  It's pretty amazing for something like this to happen so close to home.  Fortunately no-one was hurt despite the explosion.  Where it actually occured was on the part of the road where there's a playground on the left and a cemetary on the right so no houses in the immediate area.  However to give people an idea of how close this was, here's a photo from my window in the direction of the scene:

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