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Just a quick post to say Happy New Year.  I've been spending the new years at [profile] calgor's and had a great time.  Much Wii was played, including [profile] insofox's drunken bowling which was videoed and promptly uploaded to YouTube:
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Happy new year from all of us at [ profile] calgor's place. In the photo, from the back left is Silverwind, Arakin & Calgor, and on the couch is Russet, InsoFox, myself and SAMammal.

A great time was had by all, involving much consumption of various cocktails that involved the Bols Blue Curacao. One, which if it hasn't been made before, I would like to christen the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle" due to it's colour. It was 1 shot Blue Curacao, 1 shot Jack Daniels and the rest orange juice. Worked suprisingly well considering :). Despite the alcohol, I don't feel the slightest overhung. I guess I didn't drink enough :P.

I think I'm the only one awake here (apart from the gerbils) so have nabbed Calgor's laptop to write this entry. We're due to go to Bluewater later today to see TCoN:TLTWaTW again as Silverwind hasn't seen it and the rest of us wouldn't mind seeing it again.
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This weekend I was planning to go visit [ profile] calgor and co. for his NYE party.  The destination is Bromley and as I used to live right next door to Bromley in Grove Park, I figured there wouldn't be any problems getting there.  Just a simple train to Waterloo, then from Waterloo East to Grove Park and then get the shuttle train to Bromley North.  However, they had to make it difficult...

Basically if I wanted to do that journey, I'd be making 5 changes rather than the normal 3 thanks to there being engineering works between Basingstoke and Woking meaning I'd have to get the bus replacement service.  The journey on that route will take 3hrs 30mins.  The alternative is to go to Reading and then Paddington and then Tube to Charing Cross to get the Grove Park train but as the tube will be on strike, that'll be quite difficult.

I get really stressed with connections so ideally I like to keep them down as much as possible meaning as little as possible to go wrong.  So the alternative is to go to Bromley South.  I can get to Fareham, change to the Victoria train and then get another train direct to Bromley South from there.  The downside to this is that the journey will take 4hrs 11mins.

Considering all the problems with getting to my destination, I did consider just calling it off and not doing anything for NYE , but I've already committed myself by buying a bottle of Bols Blue Cuacao and also a new sleeping bag.  Plus I don't even remember doing anything for last year so it'd be good to do something social.

So, I'll be going for the safe yet long journey.  At least I'll have my PSP with Katamari Damacy to keep me company for the long trip.

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