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Just a quick post to say Happy New Year.  I've been spending the new years at [profile] calgor's and had a great time.  Much Wii was played, including [profile] insofox's drunken bowling which was videoed and promptly uploaded to YouTube:
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So, went over to [ profile] arakinuk's place to have a Nintendo Wii party this weekend, with [ profile] orona_red and [ profile] insofox in attendance. Had fun playing with the new console, but I was left wanting more really. We had Wii Play, Wii Sports, Zelda, Rayman and Monkey Ball at our disposal. It was fun, but none of the games felt like more than a demonstration of the controller... much like the DS games did when they first came out. It'll take a while for it to mature and the decent games come out. Even Zelda is just a GC game with Wii compatibility shoe-horned in. More often than not, it feels like there's no connection between what you're doing with the controller and what the character is doing on-screen.

One of my concerns was also realised in trying the console out, I really wouldn't have the space in my room to accommodate the movements some of the games require as they're harder to perform when sitting down. However I do expect games like Zelda will be playable while sitting but it ultimately restricts what I'd get from the console over what it's potential is. Ultimately, as the "Wii" name was intended to suggest, it is primarily meant for a living room environment rather than a bedroom and for multiple people to play.
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A Nintendo Wii that is.

...and I thought the name Dreamcast was odd :P

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