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So tomorrow will be the day that a second furry will be starting to work at my company after I got the first one a job there.  Also, I work with a guy called Gordon Freeman which adds to the surrealness of my workplace.  Ah, I'm sure having two furs at work won't be too unusual, as long as the work gets done.  It just makes idle chat a little awkward cos of course you can't refer to people by their furry names when talking about stuff and when using their real names, I sometimes don't know who they're on about :P

Weird Day

Aug. 22nd, 2006 06:59 am
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I forsee this as being a fairly unusual day.  Firstly, we moved offices at work last night meaning I've got to go to a new location and sit at a new desk, etc today.  Secondly, I should be getting confirmation of delivery of my fursuit at Sandroo's today.  And thirdly, because I'll have to wake up at silly o'clock, I expect I'll need to go to sleep pretty much as soon as I get home tonight.

Then it's off early to pick up Arakin before making our way to the airport, expecting to get there 5ish due to all the security scares.  I'll need to wait for Utlah to appear with my fursuit delivery from Sandroo's before I can check my baggage. This I can already see as being a stressful thing as I normally don't relax until I've checked in.  Then it's off to N├╝rnberg, Germany for Europe's largest furry con, Eurofurence 12.

Oh, on a side note, as my fursuit will only be a head, paws and tail, I don't expect it'll look that great unless I have a long sleeve top or something.  However, I just remembered, I still have the old "SlyCat v1" top and bottom I got made while I was in Florida in 2002.  That could well work to improve the look... but then it could make it look crappy.  I'm bringing a large suitcase so I'll bring it regardless and see how it looks with the other bits.  I also remembered I still have the furred latex feet Sandroo made a long time ago now.  They were a bit small but still looked good.  I'll bring those along to hopefully complete the look :).

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