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Just making a random post of various stuff I wanted to get down and make a post about.

Firstly, just wanted to say I went to have a game of World of Warcraft this evening with [ profile] calgor but the realm was full... Now Calgor suggests it was because I was a trial member, but the queue I was in waiting to connect kept on going up.  Saying I was like 80+ in the queue waiting 60mins to connect and stuff.  Come 9pm, (after disconnecting and reconnecting and trying other things) I was finally able to get on.  Even if it was because I am a trial member, penalising people who are considering buying the game isn't a great idea.  I'm wondering if I'll be unable to connect most week days before 9pm.

Secondly, I had a quick chat with my fursuit maker [ profile] chapeljax this evening.  More good news to report as he is currently "Finishing up the paws and head, and minor hemjobs.".  So hopefully I'll have some photos in the next few days.  Regardless, it's so relieving to know it's actually coming along now and I am quite confident I'll have it for EF.

Finally, it's the first ever HantsFur meet held outside Hampshire on the 24th.  As organised by myself, it'll be held in Bournemouth and further details can be found: here.  Looks like there should be a reasonable attendance at the meet.  It's just a shame the weather doesn't look as good as I would have hoped as the weather forecast reports light showers and max temperature of 17C.  Ah well, it should still be good.  Be nice to get some mini-golf in as that's always fun.  Would be cool to do fursuit minigolf too sometime perhaps.  Although I expect it'd be hard to look down at the ball with muzzles and the like in the way!
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... it has me :(

Mostly thanks to [ profile] calgor convincing me to move to his server so we can do the same missions and stuff :P

Looks like best place to get the retail copy is HMV for £15... and then £8.99 a month.  Woe is me.
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I thought I'd try out the WoW trial to see what all the fuss is about.  After downloading 2.75gb, I was able to start the game only to log in and find I needed a patch.  Was only a 25mb patch but took a long time to update the 10000 files.  Then back into game, log in, another patch!  Then beck into game, a third patch... and I'm now on the 4th patch.  This all seems a bit stupid considering I just downloaded the game from them. Why isn't the downloadable version the latest one?

Edit: Just played the game and completed the first quest and already I enjoy it more than I enjoyed FFXI. It seems to actually have structure and is friendly to new players :)

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