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2011-08-01 12:32 am
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Londonfurs Summer Party 2011

Had a great time at the Londonfurs Summer Party on Saturday. I hadn't been able to get to the previous "party" events but I made an extra effort to get to this one as it seemed everyone I knew was going. Fortunately, [ profile] andysquirrel was going so it made travelling to the event rather easy.

The venue was rather impressive in it's size as were the numbers of people there. When I arrived, I was immediately invited to go to Bodean's by [ profile] bungle_bear and [ profile] bluue_dragon so I didn't really get to see people until after that. I was glad to have gone to Bodean's though as I had the alcoholic root beer float made from bourbon, vanilla liquor, Goose Island root beer and topped with ice cream. I have to say without a doubt it was the tastiest root beer float I've ever had :D I'll have to try to replicate the recipe at home once I have the ingredients (can get Goose Island root beer at a shop in Southampton. May even be better with IBC).

The drink I had at Bodean's was £6.95 which cost more than the meal I had there. However, this was nothing in comparison to the prices of the drinks at the meet bar. When I arrived, I bought [ profile] dojocasino (Hawx), [ profile] kytheraen and myself a drink and I got about 50p change from £15! Turns out the pints of beer cost £4.50 and the price of spirits were insane... They had half price drinks between 5 and 7pm which helped bring the prices down to a more reasonable level but it was still on the pricey side. I know it's a pub/club in the middle of London, it's normal prices for that kind of venue but it still hurt my wallet!

Comments about the prices aside, I had a great time meeting up with people of old and new. It was certainly the best Londonfur meet I've been to in some time. I did regret not taking my camera with me but I did get some snaps on my phone which were posted to Twitter. Mostly they were pictures of various people in hats & fursuit hugging. However there was also some random [ profile] bariki licking going on.

I was kinda taken back by how far Londonfurs have gone. When I went to my first meet 12 years ago, it was considered a big meet when 30 people attended. There must have been 200ish at this one. True it was probably because it was a special event but still impressive all the same. Many conventions can't even manage those kind of figures! Many thanks to the Londonfurs Committee who helped make it happen, I had an awesome day :)

I hope to get to another Londonfur meet sometime soon, however what makes a meet good for me is the people who go and if I end up going to a meet with few people I know, I generally have a bad time. Will need to work out which will be the best to get to next :)
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2006-06-20 12:01 am
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Roundup of stuff

Just making a random post of various stuff I wanted to get down and make a post about.

Firstly, just wanted to say I went to have a game of World of Warcraft this evening with [ profile] calgor but the realm was full... Now Calgor suggests it was because I was a trial member, but the queue I was in waiting to connect kept on going up.  Saying I was like 80+ in the queue waiting 60mins to connect and stuff.  Come 9pm, (after disconnecting and reconnecting and trying other things) I was finally able to get on.  Even if it was because I am a trial member, penalising people who are considering buying the game isn't a great idea.  I'm wondering if I'll be unable to connect most week days before 9pm.

Secondly, I had a quick chat with my fursuit maker [ profile] chapeljax this evening.  More good news to report as he is currently "Finishing up the paws and head, and minor hemjobs.".  So hopefully I'll have some photos in the next few days.  Regardless, it's so relieving to know it's actually coming along now and I am quite confident I'll have it for EF.

Finally, it's the first ever HantsFur meet held outside Hampshire on the 24th.  As organised by myself, it'll be held in Bournemouth and further details can be found: here.  Looks like there should be a reasonable attendance at the meet.  It's just a shame the weather doesn't look as good as I would have hoped as the weather forecast reports light showers and max temperature of 17C.  Ah well, it should still be good.  Be nice to get some mini-golf in as that's always fun.  Would be cool to do fursuit minigolf too sometime perhaps.  Although I expect it'd be hard to look down at the ball with muzzles and the like in the way!