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Birthdate:Nov 1
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:SlyCat's Pad
Hello, I'm SlyCat, a member of the furry community. I got into the furry fandom back in 1997 through my interests in fursuits. If you want to know more, I've written an in depth profile which can be seen over on WikiFur

I generally find myself keeping my Twitter more up to date than my LJ these days but there's room for both. It just means when I post to LJ now, it's mostly for long reports or thoughts which can't easily fit into 140 characters. If you're interested in my twitter, click the widget below.

Other than blogging, I've also created a couple of websites for the fandom such as Fursuiters UK which to be honest is a site which needs a lot of work, but it's essentially a portal site for UK fursuiters to find places to get suits or resources to make their own.

The other site I made for the fandom is Furmeets UK, a site which lists all future furmeets in the UK and allows people to add new meets or upload photos from meets.

There's also my personal site which is SlyCat's Pad but due to the current trend for social networking and the like, there's little use for personal sites these days so I don't really do much with the site any more.

In terms of the furry community sites, I can be found on the UKFur Forums. I'm also on FurAffinity, but because I'm not an artist, I've only used it to upload some photos of my fursuit there. I've also been known to make a few furry videos from various events I've attended. These can be seen over on my YouTube Channel.

I've also an interest in music and gaming (on Xbox 360 & Steam) as illustrated by the following widgety things:

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