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I'm a bit behind on writing this as I'm normally rather punctual in updating LJ for my birthday. Anyway, it was my 30th birthday last Monday (1st Nov) and how did I celebrate it? Well on the day itself, I had been sent off to London for work so I spent the whole day not seeing anyone I knew or cared about.

Fortunately, it's not as bad as I'm making out as I did get to celebrate my birthday on the weekend prior by firstly meeting up with folk at the LondonFur meet. As with most meets, I only knew a small number of people and so I ended up just hanging out with the regular crew, who this time were [ profile] durandal2uk, [ profile] devilwuff, [ profile] gaz_a and [ profile] lazerus101 who had travelled up with me. I did see other people at the meet but most people seemed to be busy doing their own thing. I was rather surprised to receive a birthday card from Aura Firelight, a local Hantsfur who embarrassingly, I didn't even know their name when they gave me the card. I was rather taken back by being given a card from someone I didn't really know that well :) After the meet, I brought a group of people to the Sartaj Balti House in Seven Dials which [ profile] yarwick had taken me to before and I was quite impressed by. Between us, we had the house speciality, the "family naan" which is a gigantic naan bread which everyone tears bits off of while they eat :)

After the meet, I travelled back to Southampton and attended [ profile] beaitchtwo's Halloween party where I was able to see more furs including [ profile] arakinuk who had made me a delicious chocolate cake (which I couldn't eat until the customary birthday song was sung!) as well as getting me Fallout: New Vegas and Back To The Future (pre-order) games for the PC! Saturday really was a good day to see everyone and I was glad I was able to fit in both events.

On the Sunday, I saw family for another birthday meal, again another curry but a home made one. Also more delicious chocolate cake was served and more candles were blown out :P After food, [ profile] andysquirrel and I went to the cinema to see RED, which was an enjoyable film but I should have had a caffeine based drink rather than Fanta as I found myself feeling rather tired in the theatre and missed a bit (quite like I did with Inception. Maybe falling asleep during films is a part of getting old!).

So yeah, my actual birthday was quite a crap day, but I had fun seeing friends and family the weekend before. 30 is quite a milestone and so I did want to do something special for it so part of me regrets not doing anything more but with the London Expo and countless Halloween parties going on in the country, I wasn't going to be able to get everyone I knew together. Next year tho, I plan to take my birthday off work as I'll be damned if I'll be sent off somewhere for work again!
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OK, I've been trying to find the best way to do this, however I can't find a better solution than the following:

October 30th: Get the train to London, meet up with [ profile] arakinuk and anyone else who's interested and attend Eurogamer Live. Then get the train home at the end of the day.
October 31st: Get the train back to London again but this time bring my fursuit and attend RBW for the Saturday including the boat party (as day tickets are now available). Then spend the night at the con hotel sharing with [ profile] andysquirrel in a twin bedroom (only £29 each).
November 1st: At some point come back home as I'm not paying for the con that day, but this also happens to be my birthday so I have the unique opportunity to do something to celebrate with those already in London. However I've no plans so far so need to work this bit out.

I could have moved to attend the Eurogamer Expo on the Saturday instead of the Friday and just attend the RBW boat party, but then I'd either have to leave the fursuit at home or have to lug it about London as I wouldn't be able to check into the hotel room until after the expo. Also, it has been suggested I should just stay in London Friday night, however as I'd have to get a room to myself, this would cost me £50 in the cheapest hotel I could find in the docklands area. Therefore it's actually cheaper for me to get the train both days and I also don't have to worry about carrying my fursuit about. I've got 6 free weekend travel cards from being a Gold card rail user (annual ticket) so I plan to use one or two of these that weekend.
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Firstly, thanks to everyone who's wished me a happy birthday :).  Secondly, I'm a little drunk from going out with the guys at work and drinking much alcohol (even though I said I'd only have a few). Thirdly, sometimes it's great to have a brother who's also a fur as he got me a fantastic present.  Not only did he get me a mug with the pic [ profile] keihound drew for me, but he also had a comission drawn for me by [ profile] wtfmuzz!  I'm really pleased with the pic, even if it is showing me in what I'd look like if I layed off the confectionary, imported drinks and other fatty foods :P

Anyway, if you want to see the pic (as illustrated in my new LJ icon) take a look at the pic here :).

26 Today!

Nov. 1st, 2006 07:04 am
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It's that time of year again, the day after halloween when I suddenly become a year older.  My age is starting to seem rather alien to me... I really don't fell like I'm 26... I mean I'm supposed to be feeling more grown up by now aren't I? :P

Anyway, went to a nice Indian restaurant with the family last night and ate far too much curry (my poor belly!).  I got myself a present yesterday too, a NAS enclosure (a hard drive you can put independantly on the network) which also has a bit-torrent client and other nifty features.  I've needed a backup device as one of my hard drives is becoming unreliable, and it's also a good place to shift my movies and TV shows so I can watch them from my Xbox without my computer being on.

Not too sure how I'll be celebrating my birthday.  I'll be working today so I expect there'll be a cake or something.  The guys at work have invited me out for drinks after work too.  Not really doing anything at the weekend to celebrate the birthday, although I will be attending a friends fireworks display :).
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So, I'm 25 today and I thank all those who wished me a happy birthday.  I've received plenty of money from relatives totalling £70 which will go nicely against my holiday.  I also got a copy of the new DVD edition of Mallrats from my bro and rather unexpectedly, an Amazon gift voucher from [ profile] xendragon, for which I'm very greatful.  I've already bought myself a birthday present in the form of the new graphics card which came today which is turning out to be really good. I can run all the games I have at top quality without any noticeable slowdown which makes a nice change.  I'm still having problems with my monitor turning itself off at random though so need to contact Hitatchi about that again sometime soon.

I realised today that I must have a pretty low self esteem considering I havn't bothered to organise anything to celebrate my birthday.  I figure the older you get, the less there is to celebrate.  Anyway, a guy at work suggested a few drinks after work on Thursday when people should be free and also [ profile] clawz_skunk invited me to a fireworks show he's helping put on on Saturday so that should be cool.  Will also be going to a meal with the family on Sunday.  If I felt more confident in myself, I would have seen about organising something with more friends.  As well, can't let that get me down, even after the extremely stressful day I've had at work today.

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