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I had a fantastic time at my third Confuzzled this weekend. Again, the staff really outdid themselves and the convention as a whole came together very nicely. While I don't normally care for theming, the theme was very well applied to the convention and kinda made me recall how Eurofurence used to do something extra special for the theme (like the murder mystery at EF12 or the zombies at EF14). Next year's theme is Hollywood which is rather broad but should work well :)

Cut because so many of you have short attention spans )

Anyway, issues with the hotel aside, I had an utterly superb time. I met with a lot of friends of old and new and am really looking forward to going again next year. Doesn't look like the hotel will be changing for next year, but I imagine if the growth remains what it is, they'll have no choice but to move to a new hotel in 2013. Still, I wouldn't want to think that my comments here would put anyone off going next year. It was great fursuiting again after all this time and I look forward to doing it again sometime.

Many thanks to everyone who helped made it happen as well as a special thanks to [ profile] arakinuk for being a great roomie :)
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Finally after weeks of editing and pulling my hair out at the constant crashing in Power Director 8, I present my ConFuzzled 2010 video!

Be sure to view in full screen to see it in HD :)


00:00 Intro
00:55 Friday Fursuit Frolicks
03:51 Wikifur Pub Quiz
04:33 Saturday 'Suits
05:56 Furrylimpics
15:25 Saturday Night Swolf
16:46 Sunday's Shennanigans & Science!
19:49 Fursuit Parade
32:32 Sunday Night Dances

Alternatively, you can download the following versions:

CFz2010.wmv - 720p WM9HD - 1.7gb
This was the source file rendered from Power Director 8 that the other versions are based on. As such, this is the best quality file of them all but it is a bit on the large side and it's also Windows Media so not everyone can view it. However if you're like me and value picture quality (and a fast connection), this is the one to get :)

CFz2010.mkv - 720p DivX Pro HD (H.264) - 691mb
This is the squashed down version which uses H.264 compression but loses a bit of quality from the original. I used the DivX Converter which doesn't produce great quality so if you can make a better H.264 version, let me know!

CFz2010.avi - 640x360 DivX - 184mb
For those who don't care for HD or have slow connections. Again converted using the DivX Converter so again quality is lost.

I hope people enjoy watching, it was fun to make but I felt like I could always have done more. For example more footage syncing with the music. Also, I'm not happy with the Sunday dance footage as it was recorded at around 3am when there were fewer fursuiters around (and more [ profile] balto_mike it seems!). Another problem was the fact that I'm using a compact camera to record video so people kept on thinking I was taking photos and posing rather than moving about. I think I need a sign or something to say it's video!

I'm contemplating doing a similar video for EF, but I think I'll need to get me more silly music first. Finding appropriate music is a bitch :P

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