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In a follow up to my previous post where I said I didn't expect Faselei to go for much, it seems I have been much mistaken!  I took a peek this morning and and it's up to £41!  At present, over the 3 items I'm selling, I currently stand to earn £75.50 (minus paypal costs) which is pretty damn cool.  It's certainly going a long way towards paying for the Nintendo DS Lite I had ordered (which incidentally was despatched yesterday so I should receive it tomorrow or Saturday!).  I expect the Rez will go for a bit more than it's currently at as there's so many people "watching" it :).
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I've decided to auction off some stuff as it's only 10p to list stuff today.  I've started with a few games I've wanted to sell.  It's a real shame Faselei never increased in value really.  I remember at one stage it was worth £50+ a copy but that doesn't seem to be the case now.  Anyway, take a look if you're interested:

PoPoLoCrois (US) PSP UMD
Faselei NGPC NeoGeo Pocket Color UK Edition - Rare
Rez Dreamcast (UK) - Sealed and never opened

I'm quite reluctant to sell that copy of Rez considering it has never been opened in the 4 years I've owned it... but I think it's time to get some cash out of it.  I doubt I'll get a huge amount, but we'll see.

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