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Looks like the organisers at Eurofurence are really taking measures to ensure the fursuiters have a good time.  They sent an email through detailing what they have planned which includes the following:

Free Fursuit Badges
Masquerade / Costume Contest
Fursuit Gameshow
Fursuit Parade
2 Fursuit Lounges (and residential floors)
Fursuit Photoshoot
Fursuit Dance

I'm thinking about participating in the gameshow as it could be a good laugh but I'm a little uncertain as I've not much performance experience.  The description of the event is as follows:

We are planning a single elimination tournament for 8 teams of two suiters each.

90 minutes of fun games and lots of action while still being safe for all suiters. We'll challenge your creativity and dexterity, let you interact with the audience, and there'll even be a prize to be won.

Dunno who else is doing this... but I'm thinking I might just watch rather than participate.  I'm sure that considering they're only after 16 suiters the slots will fill pretty quickly.

But yeah, I'm very impressed by what the EF organisers are doing.  I just hope my fursuit maker keeps their promise and I get my suit in time :)
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Not inspired by [ profile] rakhan in the slightest!

Registration... Check!
Con Paid... Check!
Room Organised at Con... Check!
Flights... Check!
Travel Insurance... Check!
A Way To Get To/From The Airport... Check!
Fursuit... Not yet :(
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All I need now is to work out how I am to get there (need to figure out either a cunning plan to get to Stansted for silly o'clock on a Wednesday morning or pay 3 times the price to go from a local airport.

If anyone's interested in rooming with me, please let me know as I've a group started on EF's site.

Also, if you're thinking about registering for EF but havn't yet cos you can't afford it, it's worth pointing out that I know that one person has taken place 320 meaning there are less than 80 spaces remaining now.  Remember you don't pay on registration, you get an email sent telling you how to pay and you can take up to 2 weeks before paying.

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