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Just bought my tickets by using that discount offer I mentioned before. Cost me £285 rather than £398 which isn't quite the 50% off I expected but I imagine thats cos the taxes and airport charges aren't discounted. Anyway, I'm leaving on the 21st Jan at 11.40am and flying back on the 31st at 7.05pm direct between heathrow and LAX. Gotta work out what to do with my time there now :)
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So it looks like things are already falling into place. Firstly I've been offered a room by [ profile] catwoman69y2k for Further Confusion, and secondly, [ profile] hunterkitty has offered to let me stay with him in Pasadena prior to the con. Will most likely visit Disneyland on the Wednesday before the con, but sadly Hunter can only get that day off prior to FC. I'd like to get to see more of LA, most likely tourist central which is Hollywood and places I've seen in films. Ideally, I'd arrive on the Monday evening (21st) at LAX and stay over at Hunter's then Tuesday potentially hook up with some locals see the sights, Wednesday go to Disney, Thursday fly up to San Jose for the con. Then fly back on the 29th to LA and fly home on the 30th.

Should be doable, though would be nice to stay in LA longer as 2 days isnt long to see everything and one day is taken up with Disney anyway. But still, it's nice to see the holiday is taking shape. Monday seems to be the best day to get there as it costs more on the days preceding that. I could always have an extra day in LA after the con. I dunno, at this stage it's all up in the air. The days I'm on about currently come to around £400 with either BA or AA flying direct which is a lot but hopefully that'll go down next month. I'm really keen on making this holiday happen now and am getting really excited about it :).

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