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Finally got this in the mail today, I had almost forgotten I had ordered it at one stage. I pre-ordered it pretty much as soon as I saw this advert for it. It's basically the DS (Japanese) version of the popular Taiko No Tatsujin drum game on Playstation and Arcade in Japan. I bought it cos it claimed to come with it's own styluses to play with. I can confirm it is one of the most fun games on the DS I have at the moment. I've also got The Settlers which seems to aborb time into a vortex just like the original Amiga version did. Anyway before I digress, here's a video of me playing the game, with a tune most should recognise :)

Best I could record with an Xbox 360 camera and line in for sound. Seems YouTube crunched the sound volume down, or something that got lost in the upload. Anyway, it's a fun game, and worth importing (only cost like £25 including postage).
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In a follow up to my previous post where I said I didn't expect Faselei to go for much, it seems I have been much mistaken!  I took a peek this morning and and it's up to £41!  At present, over the 3 items I'm selling, I currently stand to earn £75.50 (minus paypal costs) which is pretty damn cool.  It's certainly going a long way towards paying for the Nintendo DS Lite I had ordered (which incidentally was despatched yesterday so I should receive it tomorrow or Saturday!).  I expect the Rez will go for a bit more than it's currently at as there's so many people "watching" it :).

DS Games

Jun. 1st, 2006 07:02 am
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In preparation for receipt of my new Nintendo DS Lite on, or around the 23rd June, I've ordered a few games for it:

Advance Wars: Dual Strike - £12.94 from Tesco Extra
Warioware Touched! - £18.99 from Tesco Extra
Brain Training - £15.97 from Tesco Jersey
Mario Kart - £21.99 from Amazon UK

I wanted to get a decent range of games, and specifically Mario Kart to play online.  I really want Tetris DS too, but I think I can wait for now (or at least borrow my brother's copy!).  I'll be getting New Super Mario Bros. on it release too.  Any other recommendations out there?

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